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People equal s#!t's Karma

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9/24/2016Speak for yourself. You know what you equal.
9/17/2016Cheers ;)
9/14/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/3/2016Some people just call me the Gangster of Love.
9/2/2016Shut up already
9/2/2016Taking a diff path now with your brother in eternal sin? Trying to be "one of the guys"?
9/2/2016Keep Disco Evil!
9/2/2016666 this, botch Face!
8/29/2016I guess you missed the memo were it said don't give yourself to the devil like a whoring cunt
8/20/2016Light worker.
8/20/2016Fuck you satan
8/20/2016Bad mouthing the generosity of Trump helping the fdlood victims
8/20/2016Stuffit commie
8/20/2016Nothing is more than you.
8/20/2016Idiot post
8/20/2016You'll know all about attention seeking eh? Light Worker 666...lol
8/13/2016Becouse the someone does exist
7/17/2016Stfu bitch
7/13/2016Green for you!
7/13/2016Suck satan off
7/13/2016666 is BS-Flag
6/23/2016Dude, your name, what the fuck, you like cashlinn?

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