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1/31/201760% of whites on snap in Arkansas, you're incorrect
1/30/2017Good post dean007
1/30/2017Well said!/Use your brian, moran!
1/29/2017Green buddy boomerang! --Luxen
1/29/2017Your post in pizzagate
1/29/2017Excellent posts today, have some GREEN ~ Joe Camel
1/28/2017Great comments on the illegal Mexicans in the US thread! Cheers, ItsaTwister
1/28/2017Ur a goat fucker and rapist
1/28/2017Buddy green - BeenAround
1/27/2017Eat a dick
1/26/2017Good post about UN.
1/25/2017From a fellow racist - Factual Error
1/25/2017Green for "liking my style" AND especially for the great Rush avatar. YOU ROCK!!! (From your new pal - BEAST333)
1/24/2017Like Mississippi wind chime. Boris Dragosani
1/23/2017100% agree TA
1/23/2017Back at ya. --Cybored
1/23/2017Back at ya, brother. -Rev
1/22/2017Get your own ass in the kitchen you sexist asshole.
1/22/2017Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2017Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2017Top drawer -artemis rand
1/18/2017Green! the deplorable Carol B.
1/17/2017For H.R. 347 post ~goldielucks
1/11/2017Hey Buddy - BeenAround
1/11/2017Buddy List Karma Trade --- Deplorable QuantumLove xoxo
1/9/2017I like the way you think -Denizen
1/9/2017Trump Green...porkchop
1/8/2017Greenery from Kolchack. Aka Boris Dragosani supports his bro's
1/5/2017Great comment on BLM kidnapping thread! Happy New Year, ItsaTwister
1/3/2017Have a great year! savcash
12/31/2016Thanks! forgot about hoppin john.
12/30/2016Congrats on being a White Male....porkchop
12/23/2016IS the religion of the Antichrist, correct
12/22/2016Green for you! the deplorable Carol B.
12/22/2016Well said. Merry Christmas, brother. -Rev
12/22/2016Merry Christmas ~thetoolman
12/20/2016From Ralph--a house dog....we will WIN, the left has already lost
12/19/2016Merry Christmas-mr draper
12/18/2016Makes perfect sense and encompasses both sides of thread
12/17/2016Merry Christmas - BeenAround
12/15/2016Syria comments
12/14/2016Buddy list Karma trade -- Deplorable QuantumLove
12/13/2016Hey buddy. -Rev
12/12/2016A Blessed Advent & Merry Christmas To You Buddy! ItsaTwister
12/12/2016I agree. racial realism ftw. -artemis rand
12/11/2016Good think re msm the animator
12/8/2016W.E.T. explosion. pool
12/5/2016Nagger hillary clinton supporter
12/5/2016For schooling posters on what being a REAL Libertarian means.
12/3/2016You write and act like an idiot.
11/30/2016Good Post! - Deplorable KC_Goldshine
11/29/2016Take care, brother. -Rev
11/28/2016Thank you! ~Tangy :)
11/27/2016Ask and you shall receive! -artemis rand!
11/27/2016It's called freedom...try it sometime...it's pretty nice.
11/27/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/27/2016You are right about Syria. It's all about the pipeline. Sarah Conner
11/26/2016Great poster! Green from Munsoned!
11/26/2016Sharing our current REALITY :)
11/25/2016Recount theft>>>MarPep
11/24/2016Starbird green.
11/23/2016Learm to spell, lol foot n mouth punk
11/22/2016For bieng an ass - look that up
11/21/2016Mothman green! Hawk02
11/21/2016Drop dead red fred.
11/20/2016Wookie nagger
11/20/2016Awesome post
11/19/2016Fuckin retard. They DID exercise their rights. Their 1st Amendment rights so I suggest you stfu you cucky little faggot incel
11/18/2016BUDDY LIST KARMA --- Return --- to --- Deplorable QuantumLove
11/17/2016Good posts -Haun-
11/16/2016You are right about sanctuary cities! Cheers, ItsaTwister
11/15/2016Green for you! the deplorable Carol B.
11/15/2016Yep. That's exactly what happened. -Revbo
11/15/2016Great analysis and info! Keep the comments coming!
11/14/2016Cheers ~101 deplorables
11/14/2016Thanks for voting on geekwire ~thetoolman
11/13/2016Red for you~~wendigo
11/13/2016Green for the truth ~irredeemable
11/11/2016LOL @ your crying kid pic. Alpacalips
11/10/2016"Snowflake's water bottles to catch their tears." LOL ~sikhed
11/9/2016Really like your posts, my grandparents were Russian immigrants and I still have family there. -Haun-
11/8/2016Keep up the hard work, creator.
11/7/2016God Bless! GEAUX TRUMP ~LeaLea
11/7/2016Most excellent post. Amazing! Amelia B
11/7/2016Jeremiah Johnson!!!
11/7/2016Put down the bottle. Change the homoerotic avatar. Stop being so whiney. Stop playing 5 fiver cunt punch. Use your brian. Get more green.
11/7/2016For H.P.- Deplorable Rorschach
11/7/2016For being a pompous jerkoff with "the" sol comment. douchebag
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