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11/6/2016If you react with emotion, you have already lost - Wordsworth
11/6/2016Thanks for the recap
11/6/2016Don Vito Was Here
11/4/2016Trump is coming! - Kraut
11/4/2016Hey buddy. -Rev
11/2/2016Green for you, My Buddy! Cheers, ItsaTwister
11/1/2016Green! the deplorable Carol B.
11/1/2016Deplorable strongman shelford
11/1/2016Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/31/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/31/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2016Stupid shit
10/30/2016Stupid nagger
10/30/2016Cheyenne greenery! Tree Fiddy too funny
10/30/2016U ate OP's ass
10/29/2016I'm thanking God too. let's hope this is the end of the Hidibeast presidential campaign
10/27/2016Buddy list green. --Luxen
10/27/2016Yep. -Revbo
10/27/2016In Finland pineapple = ananas
10/26/2016We agree! Use his words for our own benifit. Hawk02
10/24/2016Deplorable green! the deplorable Carol B.
10/23/2016Great post
10/23/2016Agree with everything you said -Artemis rand
10/23/2016For your post in the PA newspaper thread. Spot on.
10/20/2016B List Green! --Luxen
10/20/2016Haha :) Fret Wiz
10/18/2016Green from another deplorable - abeliever
10/17/2016Love your post!
10/16/2016Great Post
10/10/2016Green for your PC tirade. LOVE IT! hannah
10/10/2016Hey buddy. -Revbo
10/9/2016Spot on!
10/8/2016Boggles the Mind People don't get it
10/8/2016Well said
10/8/2016From Ralph--a house dog....for your good sense
10/3/2016Buddy List Karma for you. Hit me back ... xoxo --- Deplorable QuantumLove
10/1/2016From Ralph--a house dog who shares your viewpoint
9/25/2016TRump green ~Luna~
9/24/2016History -Denizen
9/24/2016'cause your deplorable---- ;) God Bless!! ----starrynytes
9/23/2016Buddy List Karma Trade - Please return - xo -- Deplorable QuantumLove
9/22/2016Hillary lies ~ Starbird is Deplorable
9/21/2016Here's to death good friend. May you take every smell and feeling along with you!
9/21/2016Hellz yeah. ---Luxen
9/21/2016LMFAO! -Rev
9/19/2016So sorry to hear. We need to stop ALL WARS. Only fight on US soil
9/19/2016For caring for vets
9/19/2016Something better - mistersplinter
9/18/2016Agreed from a fellow warrior...Chas
9/18/2016We need to do better --ScoutsOUT
9/17/2016So sorry. Prayers. My son served, Always concerned Dan and Mom. from Too Old To Care.
9/17/2016Big huge hugs from Vala :)))
9/16/2016BUDDY LIST Karma trade -- please return the LOVE - xoxo - QuantumLove
9/14/2016My first karma - you deserve it.
9/13/2016Serbian Cat :)
9/11/2016Thanks! KC_Goldshine
9/11/2016Tick Tock on the Hillary clock... ~Showtime Dachshunds~
9/11/2016Green for you! Carol B.
9/11/2016Karma time! Alpacalips
9/11/2016Well said. -Rev
9/7/2016You are a fail fag
9/6/2016Dindu face fart you
9/6/2016Buddy list karma trade. Please return the favor and I will give back to you again. Thanks -- QuantumLove
9/5/2016Quite Right! Rock On! ItsaTwister
9/5/2016'correct term is mudshark'
9/4/2016Thank you. - Chaos Replicator.
9/3/2016The List....welcome to a great club....God Bless...the old timer....wonderful post
9/3/2016Nice thread-The Gent
9/3/2016Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/2/2016I don't understand how anyone can support her either....propain
9/2/2016On a list! - Click Here
9/2/2016How about some red for being a dumbass. Check yer shit FIRST. Consider this lesson reinforcement
9/2/2016Lots of people do it. Baaaaaaaa
8/30/2016You're a fucking twat, dude.
8/30/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
8/29/2016Stop white genocide...z3bo
8/29/2016Green to exchange for pins.-Denizen
8/29/2016Well said! ~The Pale Horse
8/25/2016Buddy list karma trade. enjoy. please return. thanks xo. - quantumlove
8/24/2016Got that right. -Revbo
8/23/2016I agree
8/23/2016From Jesus
8/20/2016Thanks for the Green - G3
8/20/2016Nice fish! Beware the beaver! Munsoned
8/19/2016Thanks for your contribution to my thread! savcash
8/19/2016What a fucking Drama Queen
8/19/2016Mudshark crackhead bullet. Nice combo. -Denizen
8/16/2016Keep on! ~Pale Horse
8/16/2016Back at ya, brother. -Revbo
8/16/2016Great post, so true
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