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8/14/2016Thanks for the legit discussion in this thread. was going off the rails.
8/14/2016Mirror their image back unto them. Right on.
8/11/2016I arrived late to the party and am jealous of your many girlfriends. You're an interesting guy.
8/11/2016Vous et nul autre.
8/11/2016Green to offset red-Aquagrass
8/10/2016From Farmer Green :)
8/10/2016< from LilMiss
8/10/2016Thanks for the great thread! -J-
8/9/2016To offset bad karma :)
8/9/2016Dropping off some Green , Chin Up :) ~Fringe~
8/9/2016He's a Good Skin. Niamh.
8/8/2016The Hillary Remix is VERY TELLING. great find! morgan
8/4/2016Likeable lurk. pool
8/2/2016Claws and fangs are my thangs. mila :-)
8/1/2016Curtsey meets Chapeau :) Pav
7/31/2016You are a sad individual, living in a fantasy world. We know you started the jaded family member of the bloodline thread. The truth is out there, in here.
7/31/2016Fantastic stuff
7/30/2016Filling the gaps lol - S
7/29/2016Enjoying the thread. Hoping it helps others. Lady A
7/28/2016So well said....thing will blow up in the demorats face...God bless...the old timer
7/27/2016Humor heals the soul. strgzr
7/27/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
7/27/2016I thought it was funny and original!! - bamagirl73
7/27/2016Stupid thread dude
7/27/2016Thanks! KC_Goldshine
7/27/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
7/27/2016C,mon man
7/27/2016Good humour, me likes ;-}
7/27/2016Poke cop
7/27/2016Hilarious, Creative, AND Original Thanks for the laugh today!!
7/27/2016I do that!!!! Thought it was how it is done. Alpha females, who knew right
7/25/2016Drive by Greening :)) LOL From the Hart... Fringe
7/24/2016Green from LJS
7/24/2016For your perseverence, veritas ~Lumminessa~
7/24/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/24/2016Nobody? thats a red
7/23/2016For time and effort, jade warrior! SL
7/23/2016D ~LilMiss
7/21/2016Thank you for everything (S)
7/21/2016Thank you- AQUABRAT
7/21/2016Bonne nuit ma bete
7/15/2016Nurture Nature ~Lumminessa~
7/12/2016Quick answer and helpful
7/11/2016I can feel the difference
7/11/2016Thank you
7/11/2016Namasté Merit. Excellent thread you got going here. Please don't stop! :)
7/10/2016I'm enjoying the thread. Thank you. SeanoftheDead
7/9/2016Thank you for your time and effort in your thread
7/9/2016Thanks for the time and energy put into your great thread.-Whack Attack
7/9/2016WOW! Thanks for everything! <3 ~ LilMiss :D
7/9/2016First! From Dredrum
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