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Deplorable Zenobia's Karma

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3/13/2021You're so sweet! Hugs and love from nutmeg!
3/12/2021Green for thee too DZ, Isis One
3/12/2021Thank you for your beautiful memory. ~ Starbird
3/12/2021Au Naturale Friday Green from BIG.BILL
3/12/2021Thank you for your input on the Fauci thread and the green! ~MoViNgOnUp
3/12/2021BBQ Boy was here
3/11/2021Monkey werx is good intel. love 99
3/11/2021Thank you! <3 lovergirl
3/9/2021Half Past Midnight
3/2/2021Cats know fucking EVERYTHING, but being the bastards they are, usually keep things to themselves.
3/2/2021Half Past Midnight
2/28/2021WinterGreen -- Wolf 1776
2/25/2021Aww. Sweet! T. Noticer
2/21/2021Green Sunday - Half Past Midnight
2/16/2021February Green -- Wolf 1776
2/11/2021Stay warm! Coolone
2/11/2021Music is the only thing keeping me sane...cheers! Penny Peppers
2/10/2021Wedsnsday green - Half Past Midnight
2/4/2021Have a GREAT day !! -- Wolf 1776
2/3/2021Steak Sauce Flavored Karma from BIG.BILL
2/2/2021Hopi prophecy coming true soon.
2/1/2021East Coast Blizzard Green - Louis in Richmond
1/30/2021Saturday - Half Past Midnight
1/30/2021You’re ugly inside
1/27/2021Thanks! hope you found popcorn! lol enjoy nature in some way today ~ zenergy
1/25/2021From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
1/24/2021Green for pinning the "would've changed everything" thread! O's Cookie
1/23/2021Green blessing to you! ~CosmicFire
1/22/2021Good shit
1/22/2021Up for your remarks and putting up Kelly's Heroes clip which squelched the "Negative Waves" of that thread. Saw the flick when it came out and as you one of my favs also. Woof Woof, The
1/21/2021Thursday feels like Sunday green - Half Past Midnight
1/19/2021GreenTard Driveby - WiscoSteve
1/19/2021Patriot green Des
1/19/2021Thank you! back at ya. BuckyB
1/19/2021Sustained incoherence
1/19/2021Good posts
1/18/2021Greeeeen -- Wolf 1776
1/14/2021Crazy times - Half past Midnight
1/14/2021Cheers from CK
1/14/2021We are just half way! Green for you -supporter
1/13/2021From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
1/13/2021Your support - coastie
1/11/2021Thank you ♡
1/9/2021Peace and blessings to you - ElleMira
1/6/2021MAGA! ~A Oakley
1/6/2021January green - Half Past Midnight
1/3/2021Have a Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous New Year -- Wolf 1776
1/2/2021Great greens your way! ~CosmicFire
12/29/2020Here's to 2021 - Half Past Midnight
12/26/2020Merry Christmas to you and yours! Coolone
12/22/2020Merry Christmas - Half Past Midnight
12/22/2020Merry Christmas -- Wolf 1776
12/14/2020Half Past Midnight
12/14/2020Flaming Backside Green - Louis
12/10/2020December Green -- Wolf 1776
12/9/2020On ths same bpage comment and chinese shenanigans- coastie
12/9/2020Good post, Trump Tweet----Terrebonne
12/9/2020Damn right!
12/9/2020Greenest blessings from Happy in Nature
12/9/2020Tarheel love ~ Flashbuzkill
12/9/2020Patriot greens from a fellow NCer. ~CosmicFire
12/9/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
12/7/2020Thanks for the video "Pearl Harbor"...ThirstyMarl​in!
12/7/2020Half Past Midnight
12/2/2020Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
11/30/2020Green Tea frum Dace =-)
11/29/2020Green leftovers - Half Past Midnight
11/29/2020Happy Holidays -- Wolf 1776
11/29/2020If you were my neighbor, I'd shsre my bumper stickers with you! - Louis in Richmond
11/28/2020GREEN because Pelosi is a bitch...ThirstyMarlin​!
11/26/2020Happy Thanksgiving
11/23/2020Grateful greens.. ~CosmicFire
11/21/2020Thanksgiving Green - Half Past Midnight
11/18/2020SITTING ON THE TOILET!!!! LMAO!!!! WyatteSmith - Thanks for the visual!!! HAHAHAHA
11/17/2020Non-quarantine Green -- Wolf 1776
11/17/2020A glass of wine in your honor. Cheers. pool
11/16/2020Hey, doll. Hopefully this week will bring good news! ....nutmeg....
11/15/2020Back at you buddy, Storm2C
11/15/2020MOLON LABE my sister! Thank you :-) TN Patriot
11/13/2020Good green to you dz - zzcat
11/11/2020Yes they'd be gobsmacked! Always good to read your posts. Sloane
11/10/2020Smell the roses
11/8/2020Election green - Half Past Midnight
11/8/2020From humbird
11/7/2020LOL I found you <3 .. rewind :)
11/6/2020Thank you ;) ~Scorpionica
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