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Ryan333's Karma

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5/1/2021The quickening...have a great May. LTHN.
4/17/2021Thanks for giving me the weatherman’s name— Lightbulb
3/19/2021Good vibes!
7/20/2020You sir are living the life. I once had balls like that. Traded adventure for comfort about 20 years ago. Thinking of returning. Your story is definitely inspirational. Best of luck to you
7/20/2020Kicking it in Maui.
7/10/2020Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
9/7/2018I respect your "homeless" working lifestyle --- Rosenkrantz
8/21/2018Upping your green, Capo
10/12/2017Women are not all bad or inferior. The elites rule this world, and last time I checked...they're misogynists!
10/12/2017Hahahahahahaha...you are an idiot.
10/12/2017You know why
10/12/2017Oh hush, silly one
10/12/2017You know the ladies
9/27/201709/26/2017 07:33 pm
3/29/2017Greenest kindness-Ursabruin

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