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8/4/2018Love Ellusion :)
7/29/2018Thank you for sharing your story ~~sseess
7/13/2018The standdown link on Russia hacking - great find! Thx ~Paul Drake
7/10/2018Yes, I look at pee for a living. You can't even imagine what I can see in your pee!
7/5/2018Up1 for vaccine sanity. Reality420
6/9/2018Please, do not get me pissed off
5/19/2018Hmmmm not sure, why you believe in vacs... time will show different, savcash
5/14/2018Sensible, balanced.
4/30/2018Good advice in the suicide thread given.
4/28/2018Hillary fucker
4/26/2018Thank you for the kind words they made me feel better . apak
4/25/2018T-man <3
4/24/2018Reported Abusive Post
3/11/2018For Your helpful nature...on thread Hopefullly ... beenthruthat
2/19/2018Yup, another woman hater with a different angle, good for you to notice!
2/19/2018Old man hater
1/24/2018You have no idea what you are talking about. Just a brainwashed idiot!
1/24/2018You are so full of shit. Vax KILLS-talk to real mothers
1/17/2018Just because. : ) From a fellow Georgian, MSR
1/6/2018You really serve no purpose anymore
12/29/2017Blessings LTHN.
12/21/2017Reported Abusive Post
11/29/2017Thanks for being nice on my thread...lol ~ Hotmess
11/27/2017From Cat in Hat! Have a happy day! :)
11/21/2017Uhh what
11/17/2017Your user name says it all. peequeen? really? nasty.
11/17/2017Freedom123's Coward ass second account _Merit
11/13/2017Who cares about 60 years ago isnt like that in any way now dean007
11/2/2017Thanks for sharing your opinion in helicopter thread ~junkyfungus
11/2/2017For your love to Cosmic Gypsy. ~ A Friend
10/29/2017For getting Nutmeg straight on her "facts"
10/8/2017Scared of the mods know what you mean ~~sseess
8/15/2017Balanced and reasoned post.
8/5/2017Gifts from God ~ Where Eagles Dare
7/16/2017She was the abuser and she should be thrown in jail
7/6/2017Green because "I Tried to Warm You" ; ) - Nameless the Deplorable
7/1/2017Many prayers answered. Praise be! TheLordsServant
6/21/2017Chrisvet - welcome~!
6/13/2017Only logical post so far
5/8/2017If vaccines work shoot your kids and grandkids with them and stop worrying.
5/8/2017Vaccine bullshit spread by idiots.
5/8/2017Vaccine shill
5/8/2017Up 1 for vaccine sense. Reality420
5/5/2017Some Greenage from Starbird.
4/21/2017It's shilly in here, can I have your coat?
4/21/2017Dumb fuck.
4/20/2017Green for you! Carol B.
4/18/2017Good insight
4/12/2017For the info on "Hidden Figures" -Arkansassy
4/11/2017Greenie. love Miss Cleo
3/25/2017Msmc Xx
3/23/2017Was that you you little fuck nut ? better not have been. I will fuck you up.
3/15/2017Stop spreading the BS, don't be scared of life.
2/16/2017Bob Dylan Karma! I met him briefly once while playing the harmonica on a street corner. Peace & Blessings.-Helios Maximus
2/13/2017For the words of encouragement to the a/c who is having a rough time. -03
12/31/2016Thanks for the comment. - dust it off x
12/29/2016Happy New Year from nutmeg!
12/26/2016Great comeback! pool
12/12/2016Green for not flying ~thetoolman
12/12/2016Reported Abusive Post
12/7/2016From Jesus
12/2/2016I enjoyed your post on modesty. -dust it off
11/28/2016Red cuz your a condesending cunt.
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