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Hereward's Karma

Total: 16 (16  User Votes) and 25

4/25/2020So dumb.
3/26/2020Fat red 4 u
3/11/2020Thank you for some sense.
2/29/2020Do you really have to say 'fuck' so many times in your posts?
12/25/2019Merry Christmas, and God Bless...InYerNeck
12/10/2019Nice post on Jersey thread! -Scorpionica
9/14/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/18/2019You deserve green for defending Trump. ~White Gloves
8/8/2019The U.S. Constitution stands in the way of world government. Os76.
8/6/2019Doctors wont do anything its a cash cow to them
5/8/2019Always carry never tell. i agree. eekers
4/3/2019Proof of life
4/3/2019Dumbass with a dumbass thread
4/3/2019Fucking moron
11/28/2018Because you love to obey rules.
6/28/201806/28/2018 09:39 pm
5/15/2018Just say the False Ones, we've all "ban" there ~hillbilly
5/3/2018For recognizing Israel's badassery
5/1/2018Most hated GLP'er
4/13/2018Fuck you asshole
3/8/2018I bet $5 your house is wrecked. Dishes. Traspamains on your clothes..
3/8/2018Easy to spot an operative.
3/8/2018U wont last long here
3/8/2018Internet warriors won't do shit, phfffff, molon labe my ass
1/16/2018Have some more green. It comes with a steak, tater and beer.
1/14/2018Greenade incoming! For your comments on the black twitter thread!...saved
1/8/2018Have some Boris Dragosani green. I ripped the green thumb off of an SJW, beat him in the head with his own didget and then made him kiss a picture of Trump. Enjoy.
1/6/2018Your views on immigration; legal & illegal. ~sikhed
1/6/2018If g'damned mexico was so f'n great, why you coming to anglo land???
12/28/2017"NONE OF 'EM EVER STAYED INSIDE...." ~ because you're a redneck. takes all kinds.
12/9/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/26/2017You like penis, don't you?
11/10/2017Red is your color, left-wing snowflake.
2/23/2017The biggest crock of shit I've seen in quite some time.
2/23/2017Let me be the first one to tell you your a faggot.

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