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1/10/2021Green time ♡ Missinformed x
11/7/2020Bad man
1/17/2019What is stupid about having a decent discussion on the philosophy of national socialism? National Socialism is a NAZI beleif system.
1/16/2019Fuck off back to Hartlepool you bong-eyed, cheesy chip eating tracksuit wearing paedo.
1/11/2019Because they are right
1/8/2019Brexit MySoul
12/19/2018Thanks For Updating The Thread! - PFF
12/10/2018Free enterprise and corporations don't play well together ~hillbilly
11/28/2018Haha don't reply if you aren't interested dumb ass
11/6/2018Thanks bro! 1-2-follow
10/16/2018Ur one of them!! Fatty!!
9/21/2018For Tommy R MySoul
8/27/2018Thank you. : ) Someone bumped this old thread and I never really noticed it before. NolaAngel
8/17/2018Re tommy thread MySoul
8/1/2018Green. love Miss Cleo
7/21/2018Fooker lol JB
7/4/2018Good info
6/16/2018Re PM praising Islam comment MySoul
5/28/2018Loved your comment on one of the TR threads MYSoul
4/24/2018Flat earth fool enjoy your stupidity
3/24/2018For your precious daughter - curry nosher :-)
1/3/2018Didn't have to be a dick. dick
8/15/2017Good catch. K.
3/4/2017For all of your dam input ;-)/Use your brian, moran!

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