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5/2/2017You WISH Trup was a 33rd asshat. The Brotherhood would turn this country back in the right direction.
4/29/2017It's goat time -thetoolman
4/28/2017LOLOLOL green frum Dace =-)
4/27/2017AWESOME chairborne pin.
4/27/2017Boaty meme! ~boaty
4/26/2017Satanic cult meme - mylifeforyou
4/26/2017Superduper green
4/26/2017Ask who gave Flynn clearance...WH wouldn't hand over the req docs....bye trump..
4/26/2017Thanks for commenting X1811! - Putin's Voluntaryist
4/25/2017Moron of the week
4/24/2017Mike Pence and Barron Trump, OMFG I can't breath! :D:D:D - The Comedian
4/24/2017Green for making me laugh. --Luxen
4/23/2017Your panty sniffing pepe was perfectly placed. I lol'ed. glp-smiles
4/22/2017Green from Goneviral
4/22/2017Weekend Green - Kraut
4/22/2017Beeches Delta airline thread.
4/19/2017Green from Ankhiale
4/16/2017Happy Easter X --Baltimoran
4/14/2017Marooned was here ;)
4/10/2017False flag - Trashcan Man
4/10/2017Green from the Gulf Coast- Kraut
4/7/2017Happy Friday! :) - SB
4/7/2017For we wrestle not, etc. love your signature line in your posts-Sassy Granny
4/5/2017Karma roLL .C.C
4/4/2017Green from Goneviral
4/4/2017Thanks for commenting, X1811! - Putin's Voluntaryist
4/3/2017Have a great week! Hugs! :) -Ankhiale
4/1/2017April Fool's Day green - Kraut
4/1/2017You are right about Obama on the Scalia thread! Cheers, ItsaTwister
3/31/2017Green for the grin. Liberals tears post. hehe. CRose8
3/27/2017Best wishes to you! Hugs! :) Ankhiale
3/26/2017Good post on cankles and bongo. trafficking thread s.d.
3/25/2017Weekend Green - Kraut
3/24/2017Happy Friday! Hugs and Green for you! :) - SB
3/23/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/19/2017Person445 - Happy Spring 2017 from Russell in Vancouver, Canada. :)
3/18/2017Have a great weekend! Hugs:) -Ankhiale
3/18/2017St. Patties Day green from Boris Dragosani.
3/13/2017Lol, wtf is that AV? ~thinking...
3/11/2017From Beer lol :)
3/8/2017Hugs! - Ankhiale
3/7/2017Based stick man says TY- My Life For You
3/6/2017InterMezzo JB Monday Green. Great taste and good luck with the dream job! : )
3/4/2017Weekend green - Kraut
3/4/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/3/2017For your post in the Beauty and the Beast thread. -Nameless the Deplorable
3/2/2017Notice how
2/28/2017Green from Ankhiale
2/27/2017Will do: PhewToo
2/25/2017For masterfully placed meme-age. -WW
2/18/2017For shits and giggles. Boris Dragosani
2/18/2017Funny gifs. pool
2/17/2017Loading green for you.
2/17/2017Thanks for chiming-in! - COMRADE Voluntaryist
2/16/2017Gun lover with musical appreciation!
2/15/2017Great comment about the Navy Seals
2/11/2017Welcome! You deserve to flash some green for a good post against the illegals! ~White Gloves
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