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Katipo's Karma

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1/18/2022You are a retard…….lol ;)
1/17/2022I bet your feeling stupid now huh vaxxed katipo. You were snookered and I bet you cantr admit it still
1/17/2022Jab me harder daddy, like the bitch that I am!!!!
1/14/2022I'm JABBED triple JAPPED. Oh JAB me harder JAB JAB JAB. Jipper JAB. FUCK WIT KAREN
1/13/2022STFU cunt. You are a poor excuse for a kiwi, vaxtard wanker.
1/12/2022Reported Abusive Post
1/11/2022Fatally infect? so dramatic. Vaxxed can infect just as easily as unvaxxed.
1/11/2022Dude, they don't understand Kiwi humor here, try adding [sarc]
1/10/2022Your masters thank you. Good luck in life. You need it.
1/10/2022Vaxx tard
1/9/2022Such a fucking clown. Americans on crack, sure thing buddy. You suck so bad.
1/6/2022This one should have been put down before birth
1/5/2022Katipo does not post anything useful. Just tries to antagonize people and start shit. Worthless POS poster, and a vax shilling Karen bitch.
1/5/2022Daily stupid award
1/4/2022You simplteon. Don't think. You always come to the wrong conclusion.
1/4/2022I will not suffer fools gladly.
1/3/2022Nothing good to say for this person always picking a fight
1/3/2022Katipo does not post anything useful. Just tries to antagonize people and start shit. Worthless POS poster, and a vax shilling Karen bitch.
1/2/2022You contribute nothing meaningful here and it sounds like in real life. absolutely useless...
1/2/2022Shut up
1/2/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/30/2021You fuckin idiots will say anything to excuse your stupity for taking the clot shot
12/29/2021New Zealand = idiot
12/29/2021Political talking points from someone who should know better
12/29/2021Brainwashed much???
12/29/2021Fuck off covidiot cock gobbling moran.
12/29/2021Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2021I almost feel sorry for you. You must live a pathetic life to be so bitter and angry. May God have mercy on your soul.
12/26/2021The more you post, the more we are convinced you may be a retard.
12/26/2021Ignorant to dog breeds and training
12/25/2021Go back to reddit
12/25/2021Shill, Troll, Bad Comments
12/25/2021Haters get hate kiwitard
12/22/2021Geeze enough with your death vax infatuation its getting old and just trollee
12/22/2021Get vaxxed! You’ll love DYING from it!
12/19/2021You are full of bullshit. Must be why you think everything that doesn't fit your opinion is bullshit. You love bullshit. Cause you are shit.
12/18/2021You have no brain
12/18/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
12/17/2021In other words you parrot the term "trust the science"
12/17/2021STFU cocksucking vaxtard.
12/17/2021More red is needed
12/12/2021STFU you covidiot commie fake kiwi RETARED BLM idiot. Take your stupid shit elsewhere GASLIGHTER.
12/11/2021This pussy DESERVES their lockdown. Total slave.
12/11/2021Katipo is a vax shilling bitch. Does not respond to questions. Hit and run poster.
12/10/2021Go away sheep who blindly follows their brainwashing government
12/10/2021What the hell is wrong with you? Your TDS is off the charts mentioning Trump in abthread about Borax. Get help, your cats need you. Yo Adrian
12/10/2021STFU you covidiot commie fake kiwi fucking pussy.
12/9/2021Enjoy your experimental drugs junkie!
12/9/2021You're terrible
12/9/2021Fake shill profile. Just ignore this user
12/8/2021Better watch out for karma.
12/7/2021Go to Hell.
12/6/2021Simple fact - You're lame and stupid
12/6/2021Fuck the flatards
12/5/2021Fuck off commie!
12/5/2021Shit everyone else is... DOG PILE on the MORONIC
12/5/2021RETARDED brain defective idiot
12/1/2021It's for one month dumbass and these were probaly the ones they couldn't blame on a comorbidity
12/1/2021Gatekeeper failure.
12/1/2021You are a pile of shit, Epoch Times = #1
12/1/2021Get your booster shots pharma shill
12/1/2021I honestly think you enjoy what is happening to your country, idiot
11/30/2021For the ..quote. I thought you were supposed to be dead Jeffery.. Unquote. Ayr
11/30/2021Why do you have a big cock stuffed in your throat all the time?
11/30/2021Butthurt little bitch with vax regret. Cries cause people won't get vaxxed. Call him a WHAAAAAmbulance!!!! signed Urinal Rider
11/29/2021You're no kiwi you cock warming covidiot.
11/29/2021Ignorant kiwi
11/29/2021Are you a Jaw that fears Sheol?
11/29/2021Keep getting boosters, please
11/29/2021Yep, you're a pile of shit alright!
11/29/2021Just wanted to say Jesus is our savior. Repent! In the meantime here is some red karma
11/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/28/2021Oh, give it up Jacinda you stupid mole. You midget minded, brain dead retard.
11/27/2021Govt Sweety
11/26/2021Nobody should believe your lying Vaxloving ass
11/26/2021Jacida's shill bitch
11/26/2021U wish conrade. ur posts mean nuthin. shove them where the sun never shines. dikhed.
11/26/2021Get fuct
11/26/2021Dipshit response
11/26/2021Fuck you
11/26/2021Wrong, pedo lover
11/26/2021Lets play a game of fuc k off,you go first
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