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3/25/2023You are universally hated and should leave
3/25/2023WTF are you even talking about, COKSUCKER
3/25/2023You earn your red
3/19/2023Moar red are you reddy?!
3/19/2023GLPers are your mental, physical, and spiritual superiorers. We are your noble masters!
3/18/2023Complains about what others say but does not offer solutions
3/16/2023Eat shit because you are inferior
3/16/2023Adding to your collection of red
3/11/2023You're the Wolf of Redstreet. Gotta pump that red karma up. Those are rookie numbers of negs.
3/11/2023Your lies are mental
3/10/2023Love Ellusion :)
3/8/2023Vaccine and Russia sanity. Reality420
3/4/2023I know what you mean! ....nutmeg....
3/3/2023Vax shill
3/3/2023Full of vax
3/3/2023If I ever see you in person, I'll piss on your face.
3/3/2023Nobody will care about your obituaries.
3/2/2023Brianless -1
2/27/2023Thanks for visiting sweetner thread....~Tonight we Ride!
2/24/2023Get back to the gloryhole, moran. Stick to your strengths.
2/18/2023No one is gobbling anything up. why are u here anyways? go shill somewhere else. let the adults question these events and u STFU
2/18/2023Just because you didnt agree with the protest, does not make it violent. Sorry baby
2/18/2023Enjoy more red cunt.
2/17/2023Get back to the gloryhole, cuck. Stick to your strengths.
2/17/2023Consistent Idiot
2/16/2023Such an idiot
2/12/2023Super trudeau clot shot lover
1/22/2023GFY and get ur BOOSTER
1/20/2023Youre a demon. cast back to hell
1/19/2023Please get some help.
1/12/2023Dumb as rocks
1/9/2023Shut up wokey.
1/9/2023I will continue to pray for you. may Jesus heal you and save you from your sings
1/1/2023May Jesus touch your heart this year
12/31/2022Hope you had a lovely sacrifice for your holiday, you troll.
12/30/2022F u shill
12/26/2022From all us triggered losers
12/24/2022Up1 for Putin/Russia sanity. Reality420
12/24/2022Merry Christmas and May Jesus Bless you this year
12/23/2022Pathetic POS
12/23/2022Not useful
12/16/2022Still incredibly dumb
12/3/2022Its omicrons fault the vax isnt working! Youre such a fucking moron. You suck, your vax sucks, and your shitty excuses suck
11/16/2022Super trudeau cockgobler
11/15/2022Looks like you need more red. Alas, I can only give you one.
11/14/2022This loser is calling people a loser on the internet? Pot calling the kettle black. Grow up Giddy!
11/8/2022Says the guy who gobbles up trudeaus turds daily like a hungry hog in a pen
11/6/2022Git you shitstain of a creature. you are a waste of energy in this universe.
10/30/2022STFU and get back to the gloryhole, your mom is getting lockjaw and your dad is tired.
10/30/2022Idiot needs more red
10/30/2022Complains about people complaining. Irony does not mean taking wrinkles out of a shirt
10/30/2022Yawn - here's your red - yawn - i'm tired - yawn - my pussy hurts - yawn
10/30/2022Truth hurts
10/30/2022Loser on the internet is what you are
10/22/2022Luvs dix
10/21/2022'There is no guarantee in Canada like in the USA.' yep...st tidbits
10/16/2022Weekly red for being a crybaby
10/16/2022Hypocrite much? Fuckin defending Karens?
10/10/2022Straight up retarded. Surprised you can even type.
10/9/2022Still gobbling down the NWO cock
10/5/2022Congrats on Idiot of Year Award for your post.
10/5/2022Go spend your own money and blood for your beloved ukrainians, dipshit
10/5/2022NWO idiot
10/5/2022FU bud
10/2/2022Craves the big cock like a good cuck
9/26/2022Econ thread..too smart for glp baby
9/25/2022Open your eyes . People are racist for good reason
9/24/2022Good ole buttboy NWO ball licker
9/20/2022Typical racist leftist apologist
9/20/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/17/2022Low IQ Sub-human
9/16/2022Spotted the draq queen
9/11/2022Go to hell troll
8/31/2022Red for brain dead.
8/24/2022Fuck off, troll. -Republic of Texas
8/21/2022According to you which is not worth shit.
8/14/2022One of them...
8/14/2022You're fucking stupid, aren't you
8/10/2022Disruption bringer to thread
8/9/2022Retarded as usual
7/31/2022Piece of trash shill. moar red for scum like you is needed.
7/31/2022You don't know 1000's of people ..it's just you and your overweight mom in a trailer park incel
7/29/2022You comment on my thread re: military guidelines - BrainGuy
7/23/2022For your contribution to the past was erased thread -griever
7/21/2022More red for the retard...it was on the mainstream news
7/9/2022Not the real Hypertiger. Impersonating a true legend and prophet.
7/6/2022You're a pathetic mindless shill and troll and I'll be glad when your account is finally deleted
7/5/2022Complete degenerate, low IQ
7/4/2022Every day is another day to be a better person. I'm hoping you start tomorrow. -P Mashed Potatoes
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