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JGM's Karma

Total: 6 (6  User Votes) and 11

11/13/2020Yep fake game, green 4 you
3/2/2020Start living. agreed. -sum ting wong
1/2/2020Happy new year!!!!
1/1/2020Commie wimp
9/27/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/9/2018As entertaining as a dose of cock rot. Go fuck yourself, cupcake.
5/9/2018How about being a self righteous skinny asshole ?
5/9/2018He thinks he is Neo,lol
5/9/2018Fat Person...enjoy
5/9/2018Fuck yourself, you lowly dick jaw.
4/30/2018Excellent suggestion
12/11/2017Happy about people ripping society apart? WTF? Suppose you love Antifa.
11/24/2017For having better taste in music than the rest

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