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Just Some Chick's Karma

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6/7/2019Green for Some Chick - musashi777
5/17/2019Good posts!
5/14/2019Hey, hang tough, you can make it. Godfrequency
5/7/2019Essence of freedom gives you green. Pepperroni
5/7/2019Always good to ask...crop circles...Lance from BC
5/5/2019Sunday Green for you my Dear - musashi777
4/20/2019Anonymous JD - Call me hehe
4/20/2019Never give up! - musashi777
4/20/2019Your posts are most interesting! Thank you! Pooka
4/19/2019BBQ Boy was here
2/1/2019You conveyed a lot in just a few lines.
1/15/2019Ha! Great comeback, haha! Sloane
1/1/2019Blessings from Base12!
12/31/2018God Bless you! - NXavier
5/14/2018Thanks for your thoughts on the C-section thread....May God bless you and your children....ChivalryK​night
5/14/2018Back at cha
5/12/2018Greetings ~ A R K
5/12/2018Too creeped out to know its own eye color.
5/11/2018Good question about deleting eqs
5/8/2018Gardeners. love Miss Cleo
5/5/2018Well said.
5/4/2018Wanna have some s.e.x.?
5/4/2018Love Grizzlies , Love GFG
5/4/2018When you spend all of your todays planning your tomorrows, you find that all you are left with is a bunch of empty yesterdays
9/19/2017Love me some chicken. lol
9/14/2017For the false, crap posts on the rapture thread
9/2/2017Welcome to Simple's EQ thread! - KickinIt
9/2/2017For your efforts. Searchalot.
9/1/2017Watch the movie, "Midnight in Paris." ...nutmeg...
8/31/2017If hes still with family isnt that a good thing or i guess your hunting bad boys
8/16/2017From 589
8/14/2017Room for one more in the timeline machine? - Wordsworth

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