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D5Two's Karma

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4/3/2023Why post your idiotic "no tides" shit as an AC and not this account? So you're sneaky AND stupid. Gotta be Evers suck buddy, you lame piece of shit.
8/9/2021Thankyou for your Thankyou... KAN DAEK
11/5/2020MAGA! ~A Oakley
6/23/2020Mega tard...
6/3/2020Yeah sherrif Joe
2/25/2019Good for you knowing the reailty of nursing homes!! Pooka
2/15/2019Rush is on target - txstoke
1/10/2019GOD be with you as you travel & keep you safe - wisconsin
11/7/2018Well said
11/6/2018I guess every inch of your body is smarter than your brain - you SHOULD HAVE spoke up
10/30/2018Your 2 word comments are worthless...please refrain unless you really have something to say.
9/16/2018Some green for being a fellow cheesehead - BillLumbergh
8/16/2018"I love how all the Trump shills have to have an account now you can tell by all the red Karma ROFL" - Pacific
8/7/2018Thanks. Liberty, TRUTH & Our REPUBLIC Shall WIN!!!. J.Titor.911
7/24/2018For dishing out bad karma to a user who simply spoke against wars.
7/24/2018For giving out too much bad karma
7/24/2018You're a neocon zionazi.Have some red
4/26/2018Greeen my new buddy! - LSDMTHC
4/3/2018For your vote! ~FarMore
3/14/2018I care that a kid is dead, even if you donât.
2/2/2018Purely for your name! :headbang: ~Fret Wiz
8/3/2017MAGA - GoldDevil81
4/15/2017Thanks from only me
4/11/2017I hate you -comedian
4/7/2017First! And thanks... - Mike Ehrmantraut

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