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FubarMan's Karma

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10/31/2021Navy Seal Dog Thread
6/9/2021Moon landing didnt happen. Overwhelming evidence it was staged. VA belt problem never solved.
1/6/2016Brotha green from Scrump!
10/6/2015Thanks for the tips! BunBun
9/17/2015Of course you're going to a BBQ on the 23rd!!
9/8/2015Payback! ~sikhed
11/26/2014Thank you for your kind words~Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you~WFTMission~
11/8/2014Funny guy
10/1/2014Been a long time - Chrit
7/27/2014Happy Birthday from nutmeg! :)
4/17/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you === Quasar
4/1/2014Monday night <<< HUGS >>> to you FubarMan ===Quasar
3/19/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you FubarMan---Quasar
2/24/2014<<<HUGS>>> to you FubarMan---Quasar
2/6/2014HUGS))) to you FubarMan---Quasar
1/25/2014Saturday Hugs to you FubarMan---Quasar
1/16/2014Friday night Hugs to you FubarMan---Quasar
12/30/2013New Years Hugs FubarMan---Quasar
12/21/2013Christmas Hugs to you FubarMan---Quasar
12/12/2013Karma Hugs---Quasar
11/27/2013Thanksgiving Day Hug to you FubarMan---Quasar
11/17/2013HUGS to you FubarMan---Quasar
11/10/2013Saturday Hugs to you ---Quasar
10/27/2013Sundays Hugs to you FubarMan---Quasar
10/20/2013Hugs to you FubarMan on this Saturday---Quasar
9/29/2013Sunday Hugs to you FubarMan---Quasar
9/20/2013Friday Hugs for you Friend FubarMan ---Quasar
9/16/2013Always good to see you, Fubar...Cheers, davvi
9/7/2013Hugs for you this day FubarMan---Quasar
8/25/2013Sunday hugs to you my friend FubarMan---Quasar
8/17/2013Saturday Hugs for you FubarMan---Quasar
8/6/2013HUGS to you FubarMan---Quasar
7/29/2013Monday Hugs to you FubarMan---Quasar
7/17/2013Hug for you this day FubarMan---Quasar
7/7/2013Saturday night Hug---Quasar
7/7/2013The Way, The Truth and The Life = Jesus Christ! TW
6/29/2013Saturday hugs to you FubarMan---Quasar
6/22/2013Have a Blessed weekend my friend! TW
6/16/2013Back in GLP to give hugs---Quasar
6/11/2013He washed us white as snow PTL!!! (TW)
5/30/2013Have a great day! TW
5/28/2013Hugs for you --- Quasar
5/20/2013Green time! Alpacalips
5/15/2013Wed, green for you Fubarman.... davvi
5/15/2013Sup bro, been a while~sonic doom
5/5/2013Sunday hugs to you FubarMan --- Quasar
5/4/2013Saturday Karma ---- =) davvi
5/3/2013God Bless you, my friend! (TW)
4/30/2013Hey fubarman! ~Sonic Doom
4/23/2013Hugs to you FubarMan --- Quasar
4/23/2013Brief :)
4/23/2013Cheers, FubarMan. --- davvi
4/21/2013Hugs & Kisses for you from your Bunny! xoxo
4/20/2013Green for the FubarMan. Alpacalips
4/13/2013Saturday Hugs --- Quasar
4/5/2013Jesus Loves You!!!! (tw)
4/2/2013Sonic doom was here
4/1/2013April Fool's Day Karma - Alpacalips
4/1/2013I hope you had a great Easter, Fubar and thank you...---- davvi
4/1/2013Brief :)
3/31/2013Happy Easter Tiger! Love Always your Bunny! Xoxo
3/30/2013Happy Easter FubarMan --- Quasar
3/28/2013Jesus Loves You!!!! (tw)
3/22/2013In a Sea of people, my eyes will always search for you:) Love ~Ocean~
3/22/2013Brief :)
3/21/2013Cheers, Fubar.... davvi
3/17/2013St. Patty's Green Smiles from Lady Jane Smith
3/17/2013Because I can - :) Rabid Wolf
3/16/2013Buddy List Karma - Alpacalips
3/15/2013Hugs to you FubarMan --- Quasar
3/13/2013MOAR! Sonic Doom :)
3/11/2013Some green for my romantic Tiger! I love you....~Bunny~ xoxo
3/11/2013Jesus Loves You!!!! tw
3/10/2013Green for you fubar. ---- davvi
3/9/2013You know good music :) Sloane
3/7/2013Hi Fubarman!! Lady Jane Smith
3/6/2013Good posts - Chrit
3/4/2013Thank-You for the upgrade babe! Love ~Bunny~xoxo
3/2/2013Saturday Hugs --- Quasar
3/1/2013Happy Friday - Alpacalips
3/1/2013Praise The Lord!!! (TW)
2/28/2013CF was here ;)
2/27/2013Java Karma from Lady Jane Smith
2/26/2013Sonic doom:)
2/26/2013Thumbs up for you and thanks... =) davvi
2/21/2013Karma time... TW
2/20/2013Hi Fubarman!!! Lady Jane Smith
2/19/2013Alpacalips was here =0)
2/17/2013Sunday Hugs to you FubarMan --- Quasar
2/16/2013Brief :)
2/16/2013MOAR! Sonic Doom:)
2/16/2013Love from your one and only Bunny :)
2/11/2013Karma from crossfire
2/8/2013Jesus Loves You!!! (TW)
2/7/2013Hugs to you FubarMan --- Quasar
2/4/2013Green for my Tiger.. HB :)
2/1/2013Brief :)
2/1/2013Back at you... (TW)
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