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MessiahTrump's Karma

Total: 27 (24  User Votes + 3  Threads Pinned) and 21

10/23/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/25/2020Memer _RENDER.
8/4/2020Hilarious take
4/4/2020Packer Bling LMAO - HE-B-GB
3/26/2020Haha! CHasity
3/18/2020All hail
10/25/2019Messiah trump? I don't think so.
10/15/2019Libtard Cuck let's BBC plow his wife and daughter.
9/10/2019You weakling...
8/30/2019You're right you know! Yo Adrian
8/29/2019Rather work with a male Indian worker visa holder than an American woman
8/29/2019Q33 LOL good one one the pride flag
8/6/2019WWIII, beer! --1985
7/31/2019Humor lol good one
7/23/2019Like your user name. KAN DAEK
10/31/2018Just because ar15-nut
9/27/2018For your pyramid post ! MySoul
9/18/2018Beer therapy
7/12/2018My favorite is go get a job followed by get out of your parents basement. You should like, totally check those out.
7/11/2018Bakula would whip your ass for being such a pussy.
7/11/2018Check this out
7/3/2018Dumbshit flattard
7/3/2018Closed and narrow mind.
5/18/20181 for night owl, but McDick's at 3 AM is fucking gross. watch out for those pubic hairs in your burger!!
5/10/2018Thanks for posting about helicopters in the desert! Gyro Geargoose
3/27/2018Made a million my ass.
3/26/2018He wants another bare back Stormy session.
2/13/2018Love hurts
1/3/2018Pushing Meth is BAD Karma
11/20/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
11/3/2017Thanks for the laugh !
11/2/2017Fags deserve red
10/16/2017WLM. love Miss Cleo
10/13/2017That's real karma asshole Muslim
10/11/2017Braincloud. Starbird
10/11/2017Daddy said not to trust me. I'm a flibbertigibbit!
9/22/2017Gay dindu idiot
9/18/2017Epic comment sir! Sarcasm is the finest weapon. Arcbender
7/12/2017Goodbye world hahaha
6/19/2017Flat Earth IDIOT

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