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Ryan Goble's Karma

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10/16/2018Youre a sleaze liar and ugly
11/16/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
11/9/2017You got it dude. CHEERS! this is what I want, some feedback! thanks man! pathetic LOSER!!!!
11/9/2017Fuck the police - UnipartySchmuck
11/9/2017Must have been butt fucked to the max in prison--Ryan Gobbles dicks
11/8/2017Animal lover -Ursabruin
11/8/2017For you from NotAPlumber
11/8/2017Green for the nice story...I have a bird bath 2 - Emerald Glow 2.0
10/27/2017Pretty stupid even for an Oztard aren't ya?
10/27/2017Clueless moran, do you even read?
10/19/2017Sing on... Zenyatta
10/18/2017At least two examples given. haters see what they want.
10/15/2017D you made me very happy a couple of times today :D
10/14/2017Stupid child
10/14/2017You stuck me. strgzr :)
10/8/2017I like yoyr visual-man rising from sea-AG
10/7/2017Deep post about little murders of the heart! WOW! Starbird
10/2/2017For being truthful when so many are emotional- truthie
9/26/2017Go to hell, Trump is trying to save the US
9/25/2017Fuck Off Drunken Aussie Cunt!
7/4/2017Everything is perfect even in flaw and failure. pool
7/3/2017Got your Karmic Cherry ;) ~ marooned

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