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Pepperroni's Karma

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12/25/2019Merry Christmas!! ~XeroGravity
12/25/2019Merry Christmas Pepperoni!!!! ~ WyatteSmith
12/25/2019Happy Christs Birthday Pepperroni.... KAN DAEK
12/25/2019Do it Mr. President....clon
12/25/2019Merry Christmas Pep!! Much love gf!! Hugs ~ Evangelina
12/24/2019Wishing you a wonderful fulfilled Christmas Eve with those you love - Lilopin
12/24/2019Merry Christmas! C-Voyant
12/24/2019Thanks for all your wise words!
12/22/2019Yo Adrian
12/22/2019Christmas Green for Thee Pepperoni~! TNO. Keep up the good work.
12/21/2019Merry Christmas Green Des
12/21/2019Q Green~BirdShadow
12/21/2019That Barr Slap Schiff meme!! ROFL!! ODIN
12/20/2019Merry Christmas Pepperroni! from Vision Thing
12/20/2019BBQ Boy was here
12/19/2019Merry Christmas hugs for you! God bless! bigD
12/19/2019DMJ was here, :)
12/19/2019Merry Christmas to you and yours! Coolone
12/17/2019Hi pepper, I wondered about aliasx, too. Well, merry Christmas! Godspeed, Qood times (Avyssou)
12/17/2019Q green---sloonie
12/16/2019C-Voyant was here!
12/16/2019Thanks pepporoni, I tried to find information on Biden and cant, either way he ran to cover his ass- coastie
12/15/2019Search links. TY!- WishIwas
12/15/2019Greenage from WGON :-)
12/13/2019Thank you pepp...bc
12/13/2019For the Doug collins video.. KAN DAEK
12/12/2019Hey fellow Texan! PHX57
12/12/2019Q buddy green... scottfree
12/12/2019Nice posting-Arkansassy
12/12/2019Thx pepp....same to you.... :) mukk
12/12/2019Q green! ~ Renaissance Woman
12/12/2019Good green Christmas hugs! bigD
12/12/2019Green for Thee~! TNO.
12/11/2019Merry Christmas, God Bless ~ Cartel
12/11/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
12/11/2019This green goes to my all-time favorite pizza topping ~XeroGravity
12/11/2019Mistakes happen, no worries Q-friend, Darkman
12/11/2019Green for your presence patriot Lady!!!...saved
12/10/2019Love Ya,,,Des
12/10/2019J. Crow
12/10/2019Love the popcorn mushroom cloud.
12/10/2019From fred1981
12/10/2019Always happy to see you posting - Vision thing
12/9/2019Thank you one back for you. Mr Tibs
12/9/2019Hugs, Lilopin
12/9/2019Hey Stranger! ~Fire Watch
12/9/2019From keybored
12/9/2019Greenage for you my friend! C-Voyant
12/9/2019Four weeks today she's been gone : ( Hugs ~ Evangelina
12/8/2019Patriot green! -Penny Peppers
12/5/2019Yo Adrian
12/5/2019Seasons Greeting my friend - Louis in Richmond
12/5/2019Green D5 for Thee~! TNO
12/4/2019Q and JFKjr green---sloonie
12/4/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
12/3/2019Tuesday green for ya!-widge
12/2/2019WWG1WGA! ~Vasily
12/2/2019Q green from BirdShadow
12/2/2019Dec Green! C-Voyant
12/1/2019Have a great week! from savcash
12/1/2019DMJ was here :)
11/30/2019Merry Christmas Gorgeous Patriot!!!...saved
11/30/2019Agreed 100 %
11/30/2019XeroGravity was here
11/27/2019Beautiful abundant Blessing my friend!! Hugs ~ Evangelina
11/27/2019Pastizzi x
11/26/2019Returning the favor. deplorable painter
11/26/2019Thank you very much we are grateful - BBQ Boy and Family
11/26/2019Green for Thee~! TNO.... It is time.
11/26/2019Have a wonderful thanksgiving! : ) Lilopin
11/25/2019Have an enjoyable week. LTHN.
11/25/2019Hi Pepperoni! I like you too! Hugs, bigD
11/24/2019Green from WGON
11/24/2019Return patriot green! 1-2-follow
11/23/2019Weekend Green! C-Voyant
11/23/2019XeroGravity was here
11/22/2019Hey Pepperroni ~Tangy :)
11/22/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
11/22/2019Green Hugs Des
11/22/2019My buddy saved said you helped him out... so cool!! scottfree
11/22/2019Hello cutie-Penny Peppers
11/21/2019Birdshadow :)
11/21/2019You info today on Schless.. ABBVIE INC ... KAN DAEK
11/21/2019ThanQ ~ OzarkGranny
11/20/2019Keep up your great input! Tahoe21
11/20/2019Thank u ... Mukk
11/19/2019Thanks for your contributions.
11/18/2019Have a Blessed day ! From savcash
11/18/2019Excellent Ventnors post, Isis One
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