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~Newton's Own~'s Karma

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3/16/2019You can see that because you too are that :)-Arabella
3/12/2019Thanks. pool
3/2/2019Thanks. Wierd? Kidding. God Bless.
2/27/2019Also you mr Newton are "With Me". Understand this?
2/23/2019I have a green side!
2/22/2019It's a great day to be alive! ~ A Friend
2/20/2019A strong foundation you are -Arabella :)
2/13/2019For making my wife smile.
2/13/2019Green from centx
2/11/2019The funniest thing about him is that he is at once the simplest person in the world and the least able to be explained.
2/6/2019My last green, from wyn
2/1/2019We speak via temporary fun time accounts, yo :D
1/29/2019You seem cool.
1/24/2019You get it... sometimes it takes many mistakes to begin to see...
1/24/2019Your gift will/has/can change this world-Arabella
1/21/2019Reported Abusive Post
1/19/2019I knew before I ever came here.
1/19/2019Epic green! - Chaos Replicator
1/16/2019Remain vigilant.. you see what's happening now.
1/16/2019I have been defending the faith since i was a wee lad of 8...it is my pleasure to meet a fellow sophisticate's! God Bless you and Yours!...saved
1/14/2019Jesus bless you! He is the Almighty Living God!
1/14/2019Someone knows the truth! :)
1/14/2019Agape from brightside
1/13/2019Right? pool
1/11/2019Some good karma! thefierceone
1/11/2019You're Hired :)
1/10/2019Good poster. :)
1/5/2019Jesus bless you, He is the living God.
1/3/2019Yo Adrian was here
1/2/2019Hidden truths
12/30/2018Your past here proves youre just another who thinks they're him. May God forgive you for your foolishness and cause you to flee from your folly.
12/29/2018Truth resinates! Happy New Year Brada!!...saved
12/20/2018Green For You ~ A R K
12/17/2018Thanks for your help earlier btw
12/14/2018A little green for you----from Baloney
12/10/2018He is not the devil, OP is deranged.
11/26/2018The forerunner is the first and last to be back on the right track. The pack leader.
11/25/2018The real one knows its about many not one
11/16/2018Nice one, the forerunner - xenophon
11/7/2018Let's put away the anointing oil, he is just a man. A man chosen to walk a different path, perhaps, but still just a man.
11/6/2018Deleting of moldy ego virus.
10/26/2018Why wouldn't someone want the eternal light of christ? to always have his light with you? those who overcome will receive the light. those who dont wont.
10/20/2018Blessing Newton's..!
10/19/2018He is not God. He is a man who serves God.
10/11/2018You should pray for him instead of fighting fire with fire.
10/10/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/10/2018Share the Green, Brother
10/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2018You deserve it.
9/24/2018May your eyes be opened beyond the pages and the truth be known to you
9/21/2018Happy, happy Friday! ~ A Friend
9/15/2018Green ~ Alkin
9/9/2018Green for you :)
8/28/2018Are you doubting what you thought you knew? he isnt what you thought. be well and dont let the truth get you feeling down
8/25/2018Good for you.thanks.
8/24/2018Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/16/2018Fellow Christian :-)
8/16/2018Yeah just like so many other places it is coming here. May God bless you.
8/6/2018Have a good day-zzcat
8/3/2018Green - Alkin
7/28/2018Yep. multidimensionallly aware.
7/28/2018From Q33
7/28/2018A coward dies a thousand times, but the valiant need taste of death but once.
7/23/2018Gotta agree. I see the entire scenario being played out.
7/11/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/15/2018For doing your homework and doing it right - AAA
6/8/2018Because you speak the truth - Aldo
5/11/2018Have a good day-zzcat
5/8/2018Good observation; Thoth's thought form...
4/29/2018From 5.0%
4/4/2018Greetings My Friend ~ A R K
4/1/2018Some Easter green for you, stay strong. LTHN.
3/11/2018Keep the flame lit. LTHN.
3/4/2018Learn something new everyday, thanks. NowIhave
2/13/2018Some green for a man with a good heart. LTHN.
2/6/2018Because I can't put it into words. If only I could.
2/4/2018Reported Abusive Post
2/4/2018Reported Abusive Post
2/3/2018A coward dies a thousand times, but the valiant need taste of death but once.
1/26/2018GReen for a good word! bigD
1/12/2018Thanks, please excuse the occasional deletion in the name of tidyness. Daozen.
1/11/2018Thank you for your heartfelt prayers - SilverPatriot
1/9/2018Only when you learn to let go of everything will you understand.
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