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2/19/2018Hesher was here! Fuck You!
2/7/2018Single round
2/3/2018Reported Abusive Post
2/2/2018Yep. It IS Literally impossible for a POTUS to leak. I loved that post! ~copernica
2/2/2018FAKE Trump supporter / REAL shill. -Inquire Within
2/2/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/2/2018Tired of you bickering on Q thread. Enough already.
2/2/2018I hear you
2/2/2018Chill and see what the day brings! lancifer
2/2/2018Good truth!
2/1/2018Ur too reasonable to be here.
2/1/2018Welcome to Deepshitville - The Comedian
2/1/2018Hesher was here! Fuck You!
1/25/2018Patriot words to live by
1/24/2018Sugar in the cigarettes. Gotta love it! -Freckle Face
1/24/2018Spiritual strength!!
1/22/2018You need more green! - Nameless the Deplorable
1/22/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
1/22/2018Green - Big Daddy D
1/22/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
1/21/2018In your old timeline, was red green? Lets find out. Tard.
1/21/2018Good post
1/19/2018Great synops!
1/18/2018Kewl. hehehe
1/15/2018MLK DAY GREEN!!! ~ WyatteSmith
1/11/2018Thank you for your heartfelt prayers - SilverPatriot
1/3/2018Happy New Year love Miss Cleo
1/1/2018Thanks for the insight-medexam
12/31/2017Happy New Year! Hickory49
12/31/2017In short...good post...Chas
12/29/2017MandAla is bullshit
12/29/2017Q green!---sloonie
12/29/2017Thank you!
12/28/2017Thank you ~ A R K
12/26/2017Who r u to judge?
12/22/2017Have a very Merry Christmas mate - curry nosher :-)
12/17/2017Merry Christmas...:)
12/15/2017Thank you! Newton's Own
12/13/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
12/9/2017Anti-Trumpers are so uncoordinated
12/6/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
12/3/2017Gravity is a constant
12/3/2017Happy Sunday from Cat in Hat. :)
12/2/2017Superduper green.
12/2/2017One giant thumbs up from <Path>
11/30/2017Dick sign from God LOL!!! - Wordsworth
11/30/2017Try reading: "However, just like the Hwasong-14, the launch footage indicates the missile was fired from a fixed launch pad, not from the vehicle."
11/30/2017Green boost - curry nosher :-)
11/29/2017Thought the same....
11/28/2017Hall monitor faggot.
11/28/2017Let's all worry about how everyone Else parks, in an empty lot
11/27/2017Green from Sassy Trumpette
11/26/2017Great posts, like your style. -Haun-
11/25/2017You are my sister my brother I love you
11/25/2017For your words Jean.x
11/23/2017Thanks for good post about Wizards & Warlocks and for kind words. -Inquire Within
11/23/2017Reported Abusive Post
11/23/2017Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
11/22/2017Evil fucks, you got that right. Great obs Deplorably_Charlotte
11/22/2017Happy Thanksgiving
11/21/2017Karma from Kathmandu - curry nosher :-)
11/20/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love -Ursabruin
11/17/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/17/2017Thanks Giving Green Hugs ~Luna~
11/16/2017Joe Biden creeper thread-zzcat
11/16/2017Nukes. love Miss Cleo
11/15/2017Winning - The Comedian
11/11/2017NO LMFAO allowed there. Kidding.
11/11/2017"Is Kim Jung Un dead" thread. Good guesswork right there. ~sikhed
11/8/2017Reported Abusive Post
11/7/2017Anon@ input ~ Deplorably_Charlotte
11/4/2017Peaceful assembly vs riot post-zzcat
11/2/2017You cunts never fail to step into the light.
11/2/2017Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2017Either psycho or retarded. Not sure which. Will examine further.
10/28/2017They are kids, leave them alone!!! ~ white walker
10/22/2017I agree!
10/18/2017Green to combat the haters. Love your posts! -MnB15
10/12/2017Right on about marriage! -A Dude Not The Dude
10/8/2017His mind, oh his mind is just so beautiful.
10/6/2017Never thought of it like that. You make a good point ~junkyfungus
10/6/2017Reported Abusive Post
9/26/2017Whine about red
9/26/2017Dumbass who doesn't know gun laws. He had a green light to engage
9/23/2017Green for a lot more "r's" lol- HollyWho
9/11/2017Alpacalips was here
9/8/2017Thanks, friend. -Rev
9/2/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/31/2017Green - Big Daddy D
8/30/2017From Ralph--a house dog...thnx fr info on dam
8/29/2017Thanks for Update !!
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