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11/5/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/4/2021Nice info on Operation Starfall
10/4/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2021Life saving info
8/2/2021God bless you-- I appreciate your threads ~Pervnoff
8/2/2021Good post
8/2/2021Good Post but please don't cite people that insist you go to their Patreon for 'more information'. They are idol worshippers.
8/1/2021In the end, He wins. Keep shining the light! ~Anon Braveheart
8/1/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
7/30/2021ROFLMAO!!! Yep, think I'll strap a mask to my right boob and say same thing....Zenobia ;-)
7/18/2021Thanks for sharing, I appreciated this.
7/12/2021For being a fhaggot!
7/1/2021Thank you for commenting! Be blessed in Jesus' mighty name - thisismyglp
7/1/2021Yes! God bless you
6/29/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/29/2021Angelseverywhere :)
6/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
6/28/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your post on the "bird feeder ban" thread.
6/28/2021U r awesime
6/28/2021You can't seriously be this stupid....
6/26/2021Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2021Good post, thanks.
6/16/2021Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/14/2021Thank you for commenting on my thread xo sseess
6/13/2021Lol you said fart link
6/11/2021Two Weeks-Tard
6/5/2021Cheers from CK
6/4/2021Haha funny and true spacely's sprockets
6/3/2021Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
6/3/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your planet X thread.
6/3/2021Same stuff - 30 years later. It’s a mirage of the sun
6/3/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
6/3/2021Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say "You are a dumbass". Hope you have a good rest of the day, numbnuts. Bye.
6/3/2021I like Planet X doom
6/3/2021Dog murdering Nibtard idiots get red
5/30/2021ALL CAPS green...lol...Lance from BC
5/30/2021Reported Abusive Post
5/30/2021Half Past Midnight
5/29/2021Fucking douchebag
5/28/2021For the animal avatar and thread participation and goals of communism in the 50's - coastie patriot
5/23/2021Go fuck yourself from 03
5/20/2021Try Green Malay Kratom for pain~ pool
5/19/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
5/15/2021Believes lin wood
5/4/2021Green - grove street
5/2/2021Reported Abusive Post
5/2/2021Reported Abusive Post
4/26/2021Antequam rumpatur funiculus argenteus...et revertatur pulvis in terram suam unde erat, et spiritus redeat ad Deum, qui dedit illum. -- Dulcius Ex Asperis
4/26/2021Baby boom doom. pool
4/25/2021For the all caps tard boy
4/21/2021Never gooch when you can pooch. This will look good here for a while. Truth B Known
4/14/2021Disturbing video - but it needs to be seen. Greenest forest blessings from Happy in Nature
4/14/2021TRUTH sseess
4/14/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
4/11/2021Green from WGON.
4/11/2021Good. now how to get it out and make it matter?
4/11/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
4/4/2021Happy Easter real GLPer...lol and Cheers. CUBmon :)
4/3/2021"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx (Where Eagles Dare)
4/3/2021Graphene in masks. - justme
4/3/2021Fake and you guessed it GHEEEEY
4/3/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
4/3/2021WiscoSteve Driveby Greenage
4/2/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/2/2021Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
4/2/2021Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
4/2/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/1/2021Shut it
4/1/2021Aww talking about dick pics is petty immoral and in my book puts you with the lesser humans. low level being
4/1/2021Great information! aryc
4/1/2021Fake news.
3/31/2021Green for your scriptures. -PMP
3/31/2021Face masks xo sseess
3/31/2021You're a retarded sack of shit
3/31/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
3/30/2021When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
3/30/2021Dumbest post ever
3/30/2021Lose the TDS, retard
3/30/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
3/28/2021You post good shiznit -Shawski
3/28/2021Needs to learn some empathy and drop the shitposting.. Harry's mummy is DEAD
3/28/2021Troll post
3/28/2021Look into medbeds
3/26/2021Fake vaccine cards info, good Job! Kate :)
3/26/2021Holy cow LOL! Munsoned
3/25/2021For your "Desert Storm Paratrooper 71L" beat down, beautiful! - Artificial Person
3/24/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
3/24/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
3/23/2021You're very funny! <3 Fossy
3/23/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
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