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^S^'s Karma

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3/21/2019Green gator boots and a sprinkle of sunshine:) -Arabella
3/17/2019God told me to give you green :D -Cent
3/14/2019Cheers- Sync
3/13/2019Fields of Nephilim-Requiem LTHN.
2/27/2019Hope ya well ! - Master of Nothing
2/21/2019Green from wyn
2/20/2019Green gator skin coming your way hehe-Arabella
2/17/2019No you are a joke. don't mock me...
2/16/2019Hey you sweet Cy. Happy Weekend! You are missed in the JB. Much love and biggest hugs, Mezzo : )
2/14/2019Hiya Blue!!!! :) Beso
2/14/2019Phi <3
2/8/2019HIya S <3 billL
2/5/2019“Hugs†Happy Chinese New Year!!!hehe-Arabella
2/5/2019Huginn - whatever shape they are told to see it as ;)
2/4/2019Enjoy ya week - MoN
2/2/2019Big love and hugs to you, Sib. <3bfree
1/28/2019Happy Monday Sib! :) It's A Secret
1/25/2019Na zdravà - Sync
1/22/2019“Turns in batsignal filled with purple glitterâ€-Arabella
1/19/2019Green Love and biggest hugs to one of the greats. Happy Weekend Cy. Mezzo : )
1/18/2019Hope you come back and play Jukebox. xo Sloane
1/15/2019Awesome tune - Sol
1/14/2019Where'd you go ? don't see ya in the JB anymore. - Master of Nothing
1/14/2019Thank you for the information :) It's A Secret
1/12/2019I wonder if people be like, shit that must be him again, each time a new account shows up - pretty lol as I am not posting just watchin'
1/12/2019Matja :)
1/11/2019I have to wear the black ones for now :) The white sparkly ones are in spin cycle until clean again lol. Green love always to you Sib -Arabella
1/11/2019Cajun Karma for S !! Southern Soldier....
1/11/2019For Pheonix and Da Staat:) Hexy
1/9/2019Caliber of.. the crazies man, the crazies.. just go with it ;)
1/6/2019S Rozhdestvom - cheers
1/6/2019I wish you a very happy new year S (albeit a tad late :P ) - Sir Tim
1/5/2019With all these "heroes" around he doesn't have to move a finger
1/2/2019Good words - Sol
1/1/2019Happy new year lady - Master of Nothing
1/1/2019Have the best New Year ever, Blue :) Beso
12/31/2018Happy New year! Thoth
12/31/2018Happy New Year green, dearest stanger ;-)
12/31/2018Happy New Year, Sibster! I love you! <3 LilMiss
12/29/2018Mine last green of the day for ye, demoiselle
12/27/2018Love and Light to you and yours in this holiday season. No synopsis.
12/25/2018Merry Christmas Cy. Much love and biggest Hugs, Mezzo : )
12/24/2018Peace on Earth. pool
12/24/2018Merry Christmas, you are a sweetheart, whom ever you are - dont be afraid to reach out some time
12/24/2018Merry Christmas :) BIllL
12/23/2018Merry Christmas! I love you. LilMiss
12/22/2018Hope you are well! Thoth
12/22/2018Merry Christmas Soup
12/20/2018For shenanigans, socks, and Siberia :)-Arabella
12/18/2018Hiya Blue :) Beso
12/16/2018Thank you-matjaz
12/9/2018Buses come and go - Sol
12/9/2018Shove it up your ass laughing boy.
12/3/2018“Sprinkling green glitter all over Siberia’s karma †hehe-Arabella
12/1/2018Hello siberian romanian glp lady lol happy weekend - Master of Nothing
11/30/2018Ded Moroz sexy vid :D yanez
11/30/2018Enjoy ur weekend <3 BillL
11/26/2018Hi happy tunes Soup
11/24/2018By Mercy and Truth iniquity is purged. Faithful & Truth
11/24/2018GREEN ! -cent
11/24/2018You dance
11/18/2018Green for rockin it. Good vibes, Sloane
11/18/2018Interesting videos!
11/18/2018Phi <3
11/17/2018For having a great attitude
11/16/2018Matjaz was here :D
11/14/201811/14/2018 08:16 pm
11/14/2018Hiya doll <3bfree
11/13/2018Helped me!
11/12/2018Bird is the word - xenophon
11/12/2018Badass avatar chick! -Arabella
11/12/2018Green for the elegant young lady :) -cent.
11/11/2018Some Sunday green Soup
11/10/2018We all scream for ice cream
11/10/2018For four bars ~deafcat
11/9/2018Cabbage-free. pool
11/6/2018Shhhhh.. Happy Tuesday Green, love and hugs to you Cy. Keep the music in your heart. InterMezzo : )
11/4/2018With love, 141
11/4/2018Much Love from Base12!
11/3/2018Phi <3
11/1/2018Ike’s called..they want the table back..hehe-Arabella
11/1/2018Hope you had a fun Halloween *hugs* <3bfree
10/31/2018Hallogreen :)_``````` Bootz
10/31/2018Have a great weekend miss romania - Master of Nothing
10/31/2018Chinm up sweetie :D yanez
10/29/2018He got all his information from books.
10/29/2018Jb GREEN !!! Soup
10/28/2018Much love to you and your music :) - Sweetroll Bandit
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