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12/17/2023Shitposting tard
12/17/2023Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/6/2023Nice post
10/31/2023Thnx for the green - Rev El Haitian
10/14/2023Loss Then Fine ~ Ms. Dirck
10/14/2023Neat Conposition - sorrow'sTear
10/6/2023Nice post
9/28/2023Adolescent marijuano prick, go suck your vader's pee pee.... through your ass.
9/1/2023Clearly a Libtarded loser.
6/19/2023Please get some help.
3/10/2023You have to be the biggest fcking retard on GLP
10/9/2022Every living Being is technically in constant contact with God
8/28/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/5/2022In the NAME of Jesus gp away demon.
6/28/2022You are terrible. Despicable. Your purpose in life is to brainwash people.
6/27/2022Eat shit cuck
5/31/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/9/2022"You can not serve both your country and God." True words. -P Mashed Potatoes
3/9/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/22/2022Fuck off
12/10/2021Im batmannnnn and Santa at the same time, i made everything and im about to take it all into nothingness again, CUNT
11/22/2021Faps to proctology textbooks
11/18/2021Lib-tard spew
11/4/2021For trying to open the Minds of those whose Minds are imprisoned by religion.
11/3/2021Thanks for caring about children. yes, hell is real. pray desperately. prayandprepare
10/31/2021He signed EO in March 2020 that basically gave away all our rights
10/27/2021Lol crazy hippy
10/13/2021You seem nice
9/28/2021Open minded
9/28/2021One seriously deluded freak
9/27/2021I liked your post defending schizophrenia. God Bless
9/20/2021Stop doing drugs before you post!
8/20/2021God of the Multiverse is God and does not need the meager and trifling support of a d-bag, you obnoxious solipsist.
8/19/2021Clearly a shit stirrer
8/19/2021God wants you to get the vax
8/9/2021Cool post and profile photo
8/7/2021Definition of brainwashed. Keep fighting for your slavery. Your masters thank you. Good luck in life!
8/2/2021A dog that eats its own vomit.
7/16/2021Be sweet. pool
7/16/2021Coin song "Love Over Money" is really good :) - My Foolish Daydream
7/10/2021Love and Light - ODIN
7/2/2021Thx 4 sharing - mayamagik
6/8/2021Thank you for your help ~ NadaConnorJr
4/18/2021Have to do this.. you are an imposter. KAN DAEK
4/17/2021Trolling the Religitards ~ Zovalex
4/12/2021Total anti-Christ spirit. bewary
4/12/2021Green for looking like Styx guy...lol Cheers...CUBmon :)
4/11/2021MEDS More MEDS!!!
4/11/2021New age heretic. May you perish with your false doctrine unless you repent.
4/11/2021Ashtar freak
4/9/2021Drunk on jizz again.
4/8/2021Attacking women who see that we need to do more for women’s issues than makeup fake issues glorifying the High LW Priestesses! Take 1 for team stupid. Admit its a fake war, misogyni
4/8/2021No worries, dude.
4/7/2021You are cool
4/5/2021Talanted and crazy mix artist- looking forward to listening to your other tracks- Magnus74
4/5/2021This account is a troll. ignore
4/4/2021Glp shit investigating
3/27/2021No, there's a fourth kind
3/27/2021For stating truth
3/23/2021You pick the Colorado theatre shooter as your icon?
3/12/2021Ashtar command BS. Just like you.
2/20/2021How dare you edit my posts and put words in my mouth! it is clear your large ego & stubborn nature is slowing your spiritual development. "if your intellect is your ego & your heart is Go
2/7/2021Obnoxious. And mentally ill.
1/5/2021King idiot
1/1/2021You are not "king of the universe".
12/26/2020Confirmed homo
12/14/2020Take your biblical bullshit somewhere else
12/14/2020STFU you babbling fucking idiot
12/14/2020They have a special place for you in the next dimension. it's not what you think. repent now for following the archons.
12/12/2020Red for red, Netherlands. ..!,
12/2/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/2/2020Fucking nut job
12/1/2020He’s transcendent in spirit....I can tell
11/29/2020Some red just entered
11/29/2020A nutjob even by GLP standards
11/29/2020Aw, you guys are cute
11/29/2020Lets hope you are more effective, you have the capability to be
11/25/2020Good info
11/24/2020Just, wrong! here, have some red.
11/24/2020Thanks for something new to me! = Trio
11/23/2020Fucking retardo
11/20/2020Freedom of speech is good...but the ac´s are communist. Communism is not good
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