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Sutton Coldfield's Karma

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9/17/2019Metric system in your ass. :)
8/26/2019Duit on Mon Dei. Ayr ;)
6/6/2019Thanks for your council. LTHN.
5/12/2019Personal attacks make you look like an idiot!
4/11/2019Poetic conferring cod. pool
3/19/2019CHEEKY monkey likes to troll Brief
3/19/2019Cheers. love Miss Cleo
3/15/2019Go fuck yourself with a long gun
2/22/2019Wings... great band....chivalryknigh​t
2/15/2019Gratitude green for your comment on the "duty" thread....love-love, cosmicgypsy
2/8/2019Jealousy is sad :(
2/3/2019For the funny
1/28/2019Hahahaha wow. you kind of nailed it there
1/28/2019As a musician, have to agree
1/18/2019Whats a load of tosh gay
1/18/2019Fuck off
1/17/2019From fellow tassie! Tassie lurker
1/16/2019Ponzi scheme...very apt...did you see the monkey utopia study? VERY interesting. They repeated it & had same results (overpopulation leading to specific abnormal behaviors like we see in cities to
1/15/2019Have a good un mate - curry :-)
1/14/2019She is condescending to the posters, it is a two faced closeness in her. your suggestion was great, I went to fasting and one meal per day and my weight is dropping fast. she will probably say "
1/14/2019Good comment on the weight loss. Intermittent fasting had worked well for me. Paranoiaaaaa
1/10/2019Catch ya for a coldie in Ulvie some day - BHD
12/19/2018He's right you know... Language is magical. NowIhave
12/2/2018Thanks for the inspiration from another musician
11/13/2018Thanks! I like your style too dude! Sn00ch
10/14/2018Smedley tard
9/19/2018Liuerpul...snorted coffee on my screen via nostrils LANCE
7/26/2018Enabling drinking is not cool. love Miss Cleo
7/9/2018MySoul re Thai Cave thread
7/2/2018Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/24/2018You're one of the crappy fish that needs to be thrown back
6/19/2018Art. love Miss Cleo
6/16/2018For your post on the 2 prime ministers MySoul
6/12/2018De Niro for the NK Village idiot ! - Terviseks !
5/29/2018Compassionate. Best green, Sloane
5/19/2018Lol rock on
3/19/2018Sorry! T-man
3/17/2018Good Kama, seer
3/13/2018You made a funny post :D from RefreshPage
2/21/2018Buddy green mate - curry nosher :-)

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