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Heavy Metal Machine's Karma

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3/18/2019Q March Madness Green HMM! aliasx
3/17/2019Green for Thee~! TNO. You Go HMM!
3/17/2019From fred1981
3/17/2019DMJ was here :)
3/17/2019Saint Pddy's green! bigD
3/10/2019Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
3/9/2019Q MEGA green! thx for all you do on thread.---sloonie
3/9/2019A brainwashed cultist that's oddly, a super douche about it.
3/8/2019Green for Thee~! TNO
3/3/2019So true! PHX57
3/1/2019Green for Thee~! TNO
2/24/2019I also moved to Seattle in 88, in Florida now. Starbird
2/23/2019LMAO! Using 8 as my personal security. FACT! - Paranoid Chick
2/22/2019Yes! PHX57
2/21/2019From keybored
2/20/2019Q Hugs Des
2/20/2019Green for Thee~! TNO
2/19/2019If you can find one, an osteopath is way better then a chiro....Lance
2/19/2019MrsTomatoHead likes your style!
2/17/2019Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/17/2019Your awesome from fred1981
2/16/2019Rocking the green HMM! aliasx
2/14/2019Agreed, and hats off
2/14/2019Incoming! - Paranoid Chick
2/14/2019Sigh... we're surrounded by pussies tonight! ;) -alwaysme
2/11/2019Green for Thee~! TNO
2/10/2019From keybored
2/6/2019Green for Thee Des
2/2/2019Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/2/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/29/2019Thank you - AF vet funeral
1/29/2019Hey HMM, here is green for being awesome and to help with red, whatever happened, Darkman.
1/29/2019From fred1981
1/29/2019Some Green Manalishi for a fellow Priest fan! - Jonquil
1/28/2019For the Texas thread, icguy
1/28/2019Green for Thee HMM!!! You Rock!
1/28/2019You rock! pepperroni
1/28/2019DMJ was here :) help with that red you got, lol
1/27/2019It's a great place and a lot less leftists! lol bigD
1/27/2019Green for staying on it HMM!!!! Blessed Ev
1/27/2019Green for your first thread HMM! aliasx
1/26/2019Excellent thread post. Sloane
1/26/2019Heavy Metal! ~ Where Eagles Dare
1/26/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/26/2019Qreenage lance
1/26/2019ðŸ‘👋🤗... PHX57
1/25/2019From keybored
1/25/2019Good relevant info
1/25/2019You know why
1/23/2019Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
1/22/2019Incoming! - Paranoid Chick
1/22/2019Green for the Team wQw
1/21/2019Very good point! -krikin
1/20/2019Doggie obituaries!...nearly choked on my tea Jean.x
1/17/2019For your contributions to the Q thread. ~ Renaissance Woman
1/16/2019Green for Thee~!
1/16/2019Happy New Q Year HMM! aliasx
1/14/2019Hour from new reality!!!! too funny----sloonie.
1/12/2019Much love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,​,DMJ
1/12/2019Please send one or a couple of your firemen to Texas for me. Pretty please? ~~~Raye
1/11/2019From keybored
1/9/2019This truly hurts my heart. Prayers and thoughts go out to you for researching and reporting. ~Eyesore~
1/8/2019Qreenage rounds...Lance
1/6/2019LMAO! PM me your resume! - Paranoid Chick
1/6/2019Can't make the Scene unless you have the Green! Cheyenne
1/4/2019Because you ROCK! pepperroni
1/4/2019Fags lol /WBW
1/3/2019Q Maga, thx!--sloonie
1/3/2019Thanks for all your excellent posts HM! Isis One
1/1/2019Q thread, You're a hard worker, good job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DMJ
12/31/2018Happy New Years Eve! ~~~Raye
12/31/2018Thank you for all your doing for us here in the Peoples Socalist Republic of Oregon. Queen Kate is determined to take us all down.
12/31/2018Green for your post at 01:16 AM 12/31/18 in the Q Don't Panic thread from WGON
12/30/2018Qreenage Lance
12/30/2018One Hundred percent fuckery thats how much!! Happy New year!....saved
12/30/2018Here I go again hope this works!PHX57
12/27/2018Green to you! MrsTomatoHead
12/27/2018Thank you for the bread from ate!- WishIwas
12/26/2018A fan of your posts. -Vasily
12/25/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/25/2018Merry Christmas from Cheyenne!
12/25/2018Appreciate all the ate posts Heavy! Merry Xmas, Isis One
12/24/2018Merry Christmas! Green for Thee~!
12/24/2018Merry Christmas! - Paranoid Chick
12/24/2018Merry Christmas,,,,,,,DMJ
12/24/2018Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God bless you and yours! bigD
12/22/2018Merry Christmas HMM! aliasx
12/21/2018Awesome! PHX57
12/19/2018From keybored
12/18/2018Your brilliant
12/13/2018HMM is a very kind person.
12/11/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
12/7/2018Here's some green for the day! MrsTomatoHead
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