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10/20/2021Sigh;, another 4 the ignore list.
10/19/2021Pull Your Pud, Demon!
10/16/2021Trite. Ignore.
10/16/2021Og fuck off libtard
10/12/2021Get out of Mom's basement you worthless miserable puke!!!
10/11/2021At least he stood you fucking douchebag. Have another hot pocket.
10/8/2021Are the leftist cultists right about the shot(s) ? Safe and effect, and they're working, hmmm?
10/5/2021Red bedwetter
10/5/2021You're really a sad, sad, basement dweller.
10/4/2021Try harder tard.
10/1/2021Severe Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome....Sad, Just Sad....
9/30/2021Stick to the topic....
9/29/2021Cant tell if shitty troll, or really that stupid.
9/26/2021You are a Penis Wrinkle.
9/25/2021Don't like Trump? Then get the fuck off the rally thread tard.
9/24/2021You're a true shitbag
9/23/2021So true
9/21/2021Idiot AC who was forced to register.
9/4/2021You are worthless
8/21/2021Bill Hicks Tard
8/21/2021Useless idiot.
8/21/2021One of GLP's most ignorant low IQ dunces
8/20/2021Your kin will come to an end.
8/20/2021Commie shitbag
8/20/2021You need a life
8/19/2021Disinfo scumbag
8/18/2021Only dipsticks think he's Bill Hicks. Get a grip.
8/2/2021Does not play well with other children
7/12/2021No, you're "full of shit" as you so succinctly put it - bootobin
7/12/2021Total scum of a human
7/12/2021"dude is a child trafficking pedo. he hasnt woken up. he just fooled you" Bless you!
7/12/2021Liar shill - Ashton Kutcher is NOT a pedo. He has been going after them. What a piece of shit disinifo agent you are.
7/7/2021You are a Liberal Simpleton
7/7/2021Makes perfect sense
7/7/2021Lol.... great comment on PA Starts Audit thread. ....nutmeg....
7/2/2021Go fuck yourself dumbass
7/2/2021A true scumbag piece of shit you are
7/2/2021Attacking regular poster
7/1/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/1/2021Nothing at all pathetic about it.. expand your thinking
7/1/2021F u sideways
7/1/2021Go fuck your own self
7/1/2021I could down vote for months, but you get the point.
6/10/2021You can fuck right off
6/9/2021Don't you think there is more than enough evidence of election fraud to question the validity of the election?
6/8/2021Sharing the wealth. Looks like you nerd it....
6/8/2021You are in the wrong thread Fuck Head ..!!!!
6/8/2021Easy cowboy
5/10/2021Well deserved red for you stoopid silver comment....Moran!
4/13/2021Sack a shit go fuck yourself!
3/31/2021ASSHOLE! Red for you
3/30/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/23/2021Your an Idiot from the left. RED FOR YOU LIBTARD!
3/23/2021Take your Trump Derangement Syndrome and stick it up your Pussy Guy.
3/23/2021He did not lie 4 yrs
3/23/2021Telling it like it was
2/16/2021You are an EVIL DEMON
2/12/2021Another person with an opinion but no facts, links, or proof of any kind to substaniate their remark. Go figure! LOL.
2/12/2021Rush Limbaugh is not a POS.
12/18/2020Here you go
12/18/2020Agreed. Trump is a lost cause. 4 years of doing Israel's bidding
12/18/2020One of GLP's most ignorant dunces
12/18/2020Low info. research better.
12/18/2020Fuck off shill
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