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12/30/2019Interesting Thread on those interesting artefacts in Colorado. Red Hot Chilean Pepe. 5 Stars and pin suggested.
12/30/2019TY for the green! - Click Here Again
12/29/2019Loved the artifact video! ~XeroGravity
12/28/2019You seem cool! :)
12/28/2019SEC Rules. Hell Yeah...Billy Ringo
12/28/2019Green for a Happy New Year! T. Noticer
12/13/2019Heart warming. Wondering Mind.
12/9/2019Thanks and a very Merry Christmas to you - G3
12/9/2019Merry Christmas...ThirstyMa​rlin! (America Attack thread).
12/4/2019Right, What you describe is what they should be far. Not some lazy axx unwilling to work
12/4/2019Back at ya .... Ohio chic
12/2/2019Thanks for input- from mk
12/1/2019Chuck Missler RIP - musashi777
11/20/2019From pato no reason hah
11/15/20191 For indegenous EPA, that's brilliant, icbn
11/14/2019Thank you. Newton.
11/12/2019Wazzzap BTD just saying hi! from PLATO (crowd gasps in sheer terror) :D
10/29/2019From plato, long time no talk hope all is well
10/29/2019Sending you some GREEN - stay safe!!
10/24/2019Tennessee green ~hillbilly
10/21/2019Sound like the hildabeast; always blaming someone else.
10/13/2019LOL fucking hell
10/13/2019Been through that ~ Hugs ~ Evangelina
10/13/2019Green for you from the "now that I'm 50" thread. You are not the only one. ~ Renaissance Woman
10/13/2019Awesome thread! <3 LittleMe <3
10/9/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/9/2019Sup BTD, from Plato
10/3/2019Thanks for commenting on my thread. ~red pilled
8/20/2019Egyptians in the Americas thread Peace Lou Czar
7/24/2019Green your way ... rewind
7/14/2019Rewind <3
7/6/2019Foody greeen .. rewind
7/5/2019Yeah! xo mona
7/5/2019Welcome home!
5/2/2019Sharin karma-coasty
3/22/2019Thank you for the China explosion thread! ~ Simple27 : )
3/22/2019Green for your China explosion thread. ~Snuffie
3/22/2019For the China explosion video! Seekinginformation
3/22/2019Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/22/2019Only 6 six deaded? Get your facts straight penis lips.
3/21/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
3/21/2019Happy Thursday GREEEEEEEEEEN!!!! ~ WyatteSmith
3/20/2019FreeThinkers support back atchya :)
3/19/2019Good restoring faith . strongman shelford
3/18/2019You're welcome and green back at you. : ) NolaAngel
3/18/2019Love GFG
3/12/2019Go Tennessee! T. Noticer
3/11/2019WaZZAp BTD! -plato
3/11/2019I appreciated your comment and open mindedness that Trump could be bad. With Love~ Triteia
3/11/2019Cheers- Sync
3/11/2019Porch honky-Ursabruin
3/9/2019Green-Tard Drive-By ~ WyatteSmith
3/7/2019Thank you BeenThruThat! Green for you! CountryWise
3/7/2019Good cover
3/3/2019Green! T. Noticer
2/28/2019One green at a time;) ~hillbilly
2/25/2019Xo mona lizard
2/25/2019A welcome from the Foodies! - Louis in Richmond
2/25/2019Thanks for sharing the Nuzum video from South Centtral
2/24/2019Welcome to the foodie thread! Paranoiaaaaa
2/24/2019Green #50 Nice! Thanks... and i aways give green for green ! Buddy.. lol FtS
2/22/2019For Working Man. Seekinginformation
2/19/2019Love GFG
2/17/2019Earnhardt 1-2-follow
2/17/2019Great Story, I never knew this existed. Thank You
2/17/2019Non political post. Good ole glp
2/16/2019For chronoscope thread. aliasx
2/16/2019Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
2/13/2019Reported Abusive Post
2/8/2019Right back at ya brada, and thanks!...saved
2/4/2019From pepperroni
2/1/2019Green from 196 Thanks for your thread!
1/31/2019For the thread thanks
1/31/2019Great video! PHX57
1/31/2019Great info
1/31/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/31/2019Heal Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue....great....g​rumpier
1/29/2019For Trey vid...Chas
1/27/2019I am going to pray about it....Thank you friend! GOD bless you! Susie..:)
1/27/2019Not an arctic blast of hot temps?
1/27/2019Thanks for posting cold weather info! Gyro Geargoose
1/27/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/27/2019Thanks for video link— Light Bulb
1/8/2019For the thread
1/8/2019Egyptian artifacts in America - xenophon
12/30/2018Back at you :) happy new year-PharmaceuticalsK​illPeople
12/24/2018Nice thread on artifacts - nemesis8
12/24/2018Merry *hic* Christmas! T. Noticer
12/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/17/2018Torchie says thanks!
12/16/2018Back atcha bro ~hillbilly
12/1/2018Green is such a lovely color.
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