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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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12/4/2021You need more red
12/2/2021My only regret is that I have but 1 red to give for my country
12/1/2021Fight the power
12/1/2021Red from the whole chatroom!!!
12/1/2021For the cause!
12/1/2021M0r3 red watchout 4 omicron
11/30/2021Over a thousand red karma....wow that's impressive. It's shows how much everyone hates you! Now go suck a bag of dicks before you die from myocarditis
11/30/2021Slow much?
11/29/2021Oh its you
11/27/2021Beige shoes, red karma to match the laces
11/27/2021Fuck you
11/27/2021Take your 2nd booster, Dumbshit
11/27/2021There is no covid, so there are no varriants.
11/27/2021LOL Breaking out the old sock eh?
11/27/2021Total shill dont buy what hes pushing
11/27/2021When we are unable to move without our vax passport and are conrtolled by our social credit, you will be able to tell people how you played your part eh mate.
11/27/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/27/2021Vaxxlover spook
11/27/2021Fuck off candace
11/27/2021I will shit on your grave -CarbonBound+
11/27/2021Red for being stupid
11/27/2021Orf orf orf orf orf orf orf orf orf orf!
11/24/2021Dont you get tired of being a mean prick?
11/24/2021U suck
11/23/2021You finally understand how much everyone hates you and decided to give us a break from your dumbass?
11/21/2021Love to hate you !Hales
11/21/2021Haven’t seen you in a while- fuck you
11/21/2021Messing up your red streak!!! Perma-Banned
11/18/2021Anti Christian Hobbesian statist pig. You should be made to apologize to both God and humanity on judgement day for the work you do for the establishment.
11/17/2021You have been heard
11/16/2021You are super gay maybe one of the worst posters here
11/14/2021Confirmed troll. Posts pro-vax shit for months and accidently posted hes for it on this log in rather than his gintel one
11/10/2021Tick tock...clocks ticking vaxtard.
11/6/2021M0r3 green and good vibes
11/4/2021Give up already
11/3/2021Here's your booster
11/3/2021So sick of you
11/3/2021I thought you were retarded. Really, you’re just a troll. Go fuck every LG B T Q + and get hiv
11/2/2021You're still a tit.
10/30/2021Deserves again
10/29/2021More red
10/28/2021Dumb shilling prop gun usin phag
10/27/2021Over the top homosexuality, ffs just come out of the closet you little queen, your dad cannot hurt you anymore!
10/26/2021Have some more red, vax shilling cocksucker. Everyone hates you....
10/21/2021Weekly red for the mentally challenged
10/20/2021Shill fa990t
10/20/2021Gov owns u
10/18/2021No vax shilling for 4 days, did the clotshot take you out?
10/16/2021Stress is nothing compared to serious bodily injury.
10/16/2021Welcome back phag. Enjoy the green limp dick phag
10/14/2021Because I actually think you enjoy red karma
10/13/2021Trying to get you to the full red bar
10/12/2021Holy moly, youre barely capable of for
10/12/2021M0r3 GLP live green
10/12/2021This is what it looks like when you aren't nearly as clever as you think you are.
10/8/2021Undocumented BS
10/8/2021Nice, wanting to murder innocent villagers not wanting a lethal injection
10/8/2021For being a paid leftist troll
10/8/2021You are stupid !!
10/8/2021Stfu you tard
10/8/2021Shut up idiot
10/8/202167 iq
10/8/2021Goes to sleep retarded and wakes up retarded needs to be heavily medicated
10/8/2021You're an idiot.
10/8/2021Let's go Brandon
10/8/2021Thinks he is smart, and Godlike....but has little dick syndrome and it bugs him badly.
10/8/2021Stupid fuck
10/6/2021Hes a dumbass
10/6/2021You've made my night, Goose! 😄
10/6/2021Thx for the smile before bed. Texan Buckeye
10/6/2021Untermensch / human garbage
10/5/2021Mocking God now??
10/5/2021Keep sucking government ass
10/5/2021Fun day trolling is it? Rounding out the squares are we? A little of the ole' shakem and bakem jab jab hook is it? Fuck off
10/5/2021Love from sailor
10/5/2021Solid red eventually
10/5/2021Just ugh!
10/5/2021Promotes Legal Murder by way of the jab
10/5/2021Vax Boot Licking LIAR
10/5/2021Commie shill
10/5/2021That's very unfortunate, please have that on your tombstone
10/5/2021Most folks here are off the deep end
10/5/2021I dont often fall for chinese propaganda but when I do its ONLY covid related. suck more spook dik
10/5/2021More red!
10/5/2021A rotting pile of shit has more instrinsic value than you.
10/5/2021Enjoy your ADE this flu season.
10/5/2021Your dad is a genius! CS
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