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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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9/28/2021Troll, needs to be banned
9/28/2021To keep you from your goal of full red karma
9/28/2021So glad you will die from your clot shot soon
9/28/2021Thx, gonna check out Squid Game. -DM
9/28/2021No one care about stupid shit like saved by the bell , queer
9/28/2021Must suck to be you, your wife out banging other dudes why you play keyboard shill. I'm sure you "clean" her out real good when she gets home though.
9/27/2021Was hoping you were gone
9/27/2021Vax Boot Licker
9/27/2021M0r3 green and good vibes
9/27/2021Shill for Pharma. You will give an account to God for deceiving and misleading
9/27/2021Shill f*ck!
9/27/2021Stupid cunt! Time for the weekly red. Bitch ass coward!
9/27/2021I enjoy your posts when i see them. We seem to be on the same frequency
9/27/2021Appalling person. Must be paid troll or severely mentally ill. Tried to persuade healthy people to take the toxic death shot. Despicable and unforgivable- real karma awaits you dude and you should be
9/27/2021Supports tyrants
9/27/2021The South Will Rise Again
9/27/2021Fauci immitation
9/26/2021Weekly red
9/26/2021Because I can
9/26/2021It's been full nazi, tard
9/26/2021I’ve got a love hate relationship with you Uncle G… it’s me
9/26/2021Until were dead, brainwashed victim defending the vax to death
9/26/2021Uncle Gintel is the same jeew boy shill that is Cannabis Kills, Off Grid AZ, Dog Fucker, and Scat Porn Spammer
9/25/2021Your mother never told you that you were not born naturally. She shit you out of her asshole into the toilet.
9/25/2021Uncle Genital
9/24/2021Fear mongering and gaslighting. Worthless otherwise. Most hated on GLP for a reason.
9/23/2021This account is being used for the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
9/23/2021The lord doesn't like small dicked phaggggots like you either
9/22/2021Two things are sure in this life, taxes and uncles bills being paid with yours.
9/22/2021That's the spirit
9/22/2021Trash human
9/22/2021Brainwashed Nazi
9/22/2021Test info
9/22/2021False prophet
9/22/2021You should delete this post. The guys name is sweden and he's talking about australia
9/22/2021Stupid fuck
9/21/2021Cunts gonna cunt
9/21/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2021Fear mongering
9/21/2021Wonder who is pinning your stuff. Sure isn't you.
9/21/2021For taking unpopular stances and putting up with the resulting abuse. -Zalinsky
9/21/2021Ban this shill already holy shit
9/21/2021Even old, dried up shit provides more value to humanity than you do. Step up your game, douchebag.
9/21/2021Awaiting my bazooka delivery) :D
9/21/2021No way u know the Jesus I know as ypour constant satanic drivel re the vaxxx
9/21/2021Why are you still here
9/21/2021You are a liar extraordinaire…
9/21/2021Always lying!!
9/21/2021You are shoveling pure horseshit.
9/21/2021Bad TROLL
9/21/2021You're not very good at trolling. It's quite sad actually.
9/21/2021Find another site, shill
9/21/2021Covid Commie
9/21/2021Coming from the same people that tell you Joe biden is the most popular president ever.
9/21/2021Deep State shill
9/21/2021Great threads, one up
9/21/2021Fuck you
9/21/2021Weekly refresh
9/21/2021This Poster Is A Gay Porn Star, Brain Damaged At Birth, Probably From A Failed Abortion Attempt.
9/21/2021Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/21/2021You're adorbs.
9/21/2021Low energy troll posts
9/21/2021Drop dead agency psycho...you come here for a paycheck or you are psycho fuck off
9/21/2021Just stop it!
9/21/2021Shut up, dork
9/21/2021You glow, and your time will soon come.
9/21/2021Go home cuckold
9/21/2021So stupid
9/20/2021Total scumbag
9/20/2021You just look for reasons to get red, you red junkie.
9/20/2021Definitely does not play well with others. Needs meds.
9/20/2021Uncle gentile :)
9/20/2021She wasn't on meds, don;t be making false statements, it's against the law
9/20/2021You are an absolute asshole by saying the Damnable Vax is safe for children
9/20/2021Here’s your weekly red karma, bitch
9/20/2021You're a dumbass
9/20/2021IQ of smegma stuck to the prolapsed asshole of your mother
9/20/2021Eat a butt hair.
9/20/2021More red for supporting fascist retards
9/19/2021U a raven phiaggittt
9/18/2021U make my panties wet - Vaxxed K****po
9/18/2021He's a dildo
9/18/2021Repulsive little dweeb.
9/18/2021Vaxtards unite! tRuSt tHe GoVerNMenT!
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