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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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8/28/2021I did it! I got my vaccine!!! Love Goddess
8/28/2021The Branch Covidians have arrived.
8/28/2021Shut it I like dingle berries in my cereal.
8/28/2021You are a filthy, ugly troll.
8/28/2021So much red!
8/28/2021You don’t belong here.
8/28/2021We are still here and will be long after you
8/28/2021Vax tard! Go take another shot!
8/28/2021For everyone you deceive you will rebirth as an insect.
8/28/2021Has stupidty is spades
8/28/2021Hypocrite who wishes death and therefore should die
8/27/2021Not even good at it
8/27/2021Red offset
8/27/2021This is because eyedr convinced me to give you the benefit of the doubt.
8/27/2021M0r3 green cause you want red
8/26/2021One of the biggest morons here
8/26/2021Don't speak about things you know nothing about.
8/26/2021Lying sack of shit
8/26/2021Go home cuckold
8/26/2021Shill for vaxx
8/26/2021Why the hell are you here? dont you have some soy to eat...
8/26/2021Nice karma wanker
8/26/2021Just shut up
8/25/2021You are 1 dumb mofo
8/25/2021Orange man bad
8/25/2021Liberal npc bs
8/25/2021Green - First Born Son
8/25/2021Communist fool. unable to see big picture.
8/25/2021Idiot on a payroll
8/25/2021Kinda a dick
8/25/2021Just go away
8/25/2021GLP ignorantly thinks there is no COVID, so they don't see a need for a shot.
8/25/2021Time for your weekly red
8/24/2021You need it
8/24/2021You are a few cards short of a deck. You should have paid more attention. Good luck. - clevercreator
8/24/2021Fuck you cunt
8/24/2021HOLY SHIT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP PUSHING VACCINES. Almost like you get paid by the hour to post that trash...
8/24/2021Good man.
8/24/2021Lets get your red up some more sellout
8/23/2021Are you getting paid, or are you just so pathetic that you have no life?
8/23/2021You’re a jerk with your commenting
8/23/2021Truth and facts matter.
8/22/2021Flaming liberal phag
8/22/2021FUCK you
8/22/2021The uncle everyone hates
8/22/2021Not good
8/22/2021Idiotic governmental shill
8/22/2021Libtard wants lockdowns for a cold
8/22/2021I am a liberal crowd follower, thus red.
8/22/2021I love you man
8/22/2021Stay inside bro
8/22/2021You are right on so many things
8/22/2021Commie loser
8/22/2021You're the one who got vaccinated...you are infecting people
8/22/2021Soon, you're gone.
8/22/2021See you in Hgue Court, commie
8/22/2021How many vaccines will it take you to realize you did the wrong thing? Retard
8/22/2021Shill alert
8/22/2021Time for your weekly red pill, though I doubt it will help.
8/22/2021Biden Shill. Eat a bag of dicks.
8/22/2021Whats wrong with you
8/22/2021Fucking idiot
8/22/2021Time for your weekly booster shot of red.
8/22/2021Ignorant simple minded fool
8/22/2021LOL at you calling others "dumbass"
8/22/2021Biden and you force/mandate; Trump gives you a choice.
8/22/2021Repent now
8/22/2021You suck as a shill
8/22/2021Just smart enough to earn your tree-fiddy.
8/22/2021Vax giving you imsomnia? This shill was caught lying at 2am. Go get your booster dickhead.
8/22/2021I don't know who is running these 'red magnets' but you are DAMNED good at playing 'heel'. XD
8/22/2021Green for a freind and contribtor in the face of nonsese.
8/21/2021Weekly RED vax shill
8/21/2021Half Past Midnight
8/21/2021Loathsome comment
8/21/2021Get in on the ground level. In 100 years we will have lunar outposts named after us. Thought that was funny. Truth B Known
8/21/2021Back atcha. Adytum.
8/21/2021Yo Mama, bitch.
8/21/2021Red for you
8/20/2021You are a typical homo Jesuit Priest
8/20/2021Expert on Pricks
8/20/2021To expedite your red-out departure which undoubtedly lead to you being a long term recidivist cunt
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