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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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7/30/2021Weekly red for being stupid
7/30/2021To counteract the moron that gave you green
7/30/2021Dont let hoaxtards get you down
7/30/2021Eta dik fecal-one
7/30/2021Bet you didn't get the poison shot, and if you did; bye bye. Let the door hit you on the head on the way out.
7/30/2021Logged in just to give you some red.
7/30/2021You are a poo pusher. Get another vax on me.
7/30/2021Hello pig fart.
7/30/2021Cant wait for you to die from the clot shot asshole
7/30/2021Lol. stupid shill
7/29/2021Time for more red for the shill
7/29/2021Go get your booster dumbass...wear your 3rd and 4th mask....STFU
7/29/2021Some bad karma for your inflated head and ego
7/28/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/28/2021You're my favorite shill. You have personality, and seem sincere in your beliefs, misguided as they may be.
7/28/2021More red karma just makes sense at this point...
7/27/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/27/2021Populated Area
7/27/2021Good discussion on Revelation
7/26/2021This account was created with the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts
7/26/2021Someone who understands science and logic
7/26/2021Shill Alert!!!!
7/26/20212-3 year window. Shill or not, at least you asked.
7/26/2021You are an obvious shill
7/26/2021Paid shill.
7/26/2021Agreed in normal times but they are pushing this so hard it looks evil
7/26/2021This is a government shill account that needs to be purged
7/26/2021AI vax bot, go to greener pastures
7/26/2021This account was created with the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts
7/26/2021For Jinninig up the BS Intel!
7/26/2021Death vaxx shill
7/26/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
7/26/2021More red for you
7/26/2021Celebrating someone's death due to political beliefs. You are trully the lowest form of filfth.
7/25/2021Fuck you and your mask
7/25/2021Mode RNA
7/24/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
7/24/2021You are an idiot to believe the vax is a good thing.
7/23/2021Getting a vax is still a personal choice asshat
7/23/2021Please stop
7/23/2021Had enough of you. Ignore.
7/23/2021There's something happening here
7/22/2021Your weekly red....POS Vax Shill
7/22/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/22/2021Dumber than a mother fucking stump.
7/22/2021Your posts are always so misinformed
7/22/2021You are the problem
7/22/2021Bs spreader
7/22/2021AGAIN, bc you are stupid ; MYOB.
7/22/2021If your vax works why you worried bro?
7/22/2021Green for being a tard. Oops.
7/22/2021Dum dum
7/22/2021Thanks for the donkey videos
7/22/2021Makes sense
7/22/2021Immunity thread
7/22/2021Glp wish: too much red gets lifetime ban. we would be so much better without dolts like you here. fuck off
7/21/2021Vaxx pusher
7/21/2021If your plan is to make money shilling for vaccines on GLP, you will quickly become homeless. ~ Zovalex
7/21/2021Vax shill...get fucked
7/21/2021Hopefully we won't be trading each other's consoles. I don't have an XBox, but I have an old SNES with Mario Allstars! :) - My Foolish Daydream
7/19/2021Don’t understand the negative karma. You’re alright by me. -starryn
7/19/2021Nobody cares
7/18/2021Uncle Genitalia
7/16/2021Fck off
7/16/2021One up
7/16/2021Spreading false info :)
7/15/2021Inter racial marriage comment. It’s true.
7/15/2021People need people brother. Dont go n get raptured now ya hear
7/14/2021Step into the middle and stop giving the pedos power.
7/14/2021What middle ground do you live in?
7/14/2021I like your TIGER UPPERCUT comment...but since to our pro vax, I'll help with more red. God bless lol
7/14/2021Your mother sucks the meanist of cocks.
7/13/2021Some fake green from 03
7/13/2021Fake doctor eh.
7/13/2021Eat my ball sack of freedom, statist bitch boy.
7/13/2021Worse than NDFarm...wait, are you NDFarm?
7/13/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/13/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/13/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/13/2021You need prayers but you still get red for being pro-vax and against freedom of choice
7/12/2021Here you are, thankyou for the green. - Wake up Men.
7/11/2021You look better in red
7/11/2021Dumbest reply of the evening
7/11/2021You need some green. Have a good day :)
7/11/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
7/10/2021Commie says what...fuck off
7/10/2021Bullshit fuck off
7/10/2021I heard you, here ya go!
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