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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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9/20/2023I smoke weed and vote Republican...Vino
9/13/2023Looks like you need another booster shot.
9/13/2023Stfu moran
9/13/2023Why don't you just go away, nobody likes you or all of your Swaggy Jack Reno sock puppets
9/11/2023I don’t like you, but In not going to give you red on your bday. Hope its a bearable on, asshole. -Rorschach
9/11/2023Birthday Red From Mordor!
9/11/2023Happy Birthday wishes from nutmeg!
8/20/2023Haha, windy wrote you a whole letter about your name in the chat. HAHAHA
8/20/2023Sorry i'm doing the best i can
8/17/2023Ya fucking dork
8/17/2023Red for vax tard. Go smoke some Marijuana.
8/17/2023Down one for insanity, and fuck your vax pushing butt buddy too
8/11/2023Have a nice day!
8/11/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
8/8/2023Does it for free
8/8/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
8/6/2023Up 1 for some sanity. Reality420
8/4/2023Brown Star Kachina
8/4/2023Vax shill
8/1/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
7/31/2023Good thread
7/31/2023Get a booster.
7/31/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
7/22/2023Worried about your clots bro, m0r3
7/18/2023Fuck you glowie shill that hates white people!
7/14/2023Back at ya bitch
7/14/2023Racist POS
7/10/2023And youre the idiot who praised the vaccine, but now you want to pretend like we all didnt see the awful shit you said. Repent and seek Christ to save your black soul
7/9/2023Brown Star Kachina
7/7/2023Oh do fuck off
7/7/2023Rewound time for another booster
7/7/2023Liar liar pants on fire
7/7/2023You're gay
7/6/2023I so hope you got your booster
6/30/2023You are less than shit. If you work, and struggle for years and years, may you can improve yourself to the level of shit.
6/30/2023Person is a useful idiot of media indoctrination...
6/29/2023Back to giving you red, just to piss off your stupid butthurt sockpuppet jackass again. ~ Shadow
6/28/2023Love tay g\
6/27/2023Fucking idiot.
6/25/2023You can only farm 900 karma off of these tards? come on, there's way more loosh to farm here.
6/25/2023You only want to stir the pot
6/25/2023Putin still kiicking, WANGSTA
6/24/2023Poor message
6/24/2023Such an insufferable TROLL!
6/24/2023Not gonna be here long, eh?
6/24/2023Go AWAY
6/22/2023Love you
6/22/2023Green since you want red and want to be the number 1 shill. You're not on the same level as CKP or ND Farm. You're still a piece of shit too, Uncle Genitals. ~ Shadow
6/22/2023Heres green since you thought you deserve to be number 1 shill on gl. you got nothing on CKP. youre not even good at being bad
6/21/2023GLPs resident scientist larper. What kind of scientisting did you do today, something anatomical?
6/19/2023F off genitalia.
6/15/2023Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/13/2023Eat shit Uncle Genitals, and take all your sock puppets and shove them up your ghey ass.
6/11/2023MAGA mega win- soonermagic
6/8/2023Zelensky pulls out wiener you open mouth
6/8/2023Just go away or sccumb to your 10th vax booster
6/6/2023Lol. We can smell your PB. Hilarious. Truth B Known
6/4/2023Demonic retard
6/4/2023Booster Time!
6/2/2023Be safe Uncle
5/31/2023Works so hard at being annoying so for that I give thee -1
5/31/2023Fly this, asshole
5/30/2023Pathetic liberal shill bitch
5/25/2023Brown Star Kachina
5/25/2023You earned it, for shitting on other Americans because they choose to live in the south. Time and time again, you prove to be low IQ
5/25/2023Missed you at Popeye's chicken last night. You stood me up. I deleted your Grinder account . it's over
5/25/2023Thanks for trolling so badly you actually reinforce that which you're trying to deride. Troglodyte.
5/25/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
5/25/2023Genocide supporter
5/23/2023Pedo lover
5/22/2023You don't have a red karma today. Can't let that happen.
5/21/2023Liberal Shill
5/21/2023Freebie Cheesey Cheese Pleases
5/21/2023Red for you genitalia
5/21/2023Great to see you back
5/20/2023Fuck uncle dicktel
5/20/2023You're such Welfare Poors, 10 days from the financial apocalypse and no threads- Then make one, D-bag
5/19/2023Wishes he was really in the F.B.I.
5/19/2023Red for the biggest liberal cuck on GLP
5/17/2023Ahhh, NO
5/17/2023Red wave for soulless meat bag
5/17/2023Up 1 for Ukraine pro freedom and anti Russian commie invasion
5/16/2023Sock accounts below giving green -1
5/16/2023Yoo Genitalius, you there? Yo. ~Hales
5/16/2023Yoo Genitalius, you there? Yo. ~Lapis
5/16/2023Big green for you big boy
5/16/2023Yo Genitalia, you there?
5/13/2023For quoting a Pharmacy trade publication to prove vaccines are safe. What a tool!
5/12/2023The second dumbest poster on GLP, behind ND farm animal lover. you prove there is no cure for stupid.
5/10/2023For claiming to be a scientist, yes we have not forgotten your larping, you really are a fucking idiot
5/9/2023Likes to go out of her way to be an A-hole
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