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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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5/19/2023Red for the biggest liberal cuck on GLP
5/17/2023Ahhh, NO
5/17/2023Red wave for soulless meat bag
5/17/2023Up 1 for Ukraine pro freedom and anti Russian commie invasion
5/16/2023Sock accounts below giving green -1
5/16/2023Yoo Genitalius, you there? Yo. ~Hales
5/16/2023Yoo Genitalius, you there? Yo. ~Lapis
5/16/2023Big green for you big boy
5/16/2023Yo Genitalia, you there?
5/13/2023For quoting a Pharmacy trade publication to prove vaccines are safe. What a tool!
5/12/2023The second dumbest poster on GLP, behind ND farm animal lover. you prove there is no cure for stupid.
5/10/2023For claiming to be a scientist, yes we have not forgotten your larping, you really are a fucking idiot
5/9/2023Likes to go out of her way to be an A-hole
5/9/2023Time For Another Booster Shot~
5/9/2023Tell your sock puppet to stop being such a racist selfish tard and stop bumping all your old threads!
5/6/2023Brown Star Kachina
5/3/2023Village Idiot at GLP
5/1/2023Fantastic threads!! wink wink
5/1/2023Vaxx-baiting toenail-biter
5/1/2023Bigfoots and UFOs - NeonActionFigure
4/28/2023Brown Star Kachina
4/26/2023Back to your vax shilling I see. Shame on you!
4/19/2023Brown Star Kachina
4/19/2023GLP chat hype
4/18/2023Red for the biggest cunt on GLP
4/18/2023For lying
4/18/2023Stupid comment
4/18/2023Just because
4/18/2023I don't ever use this old term but you are Ate Up! Seek help
4/17/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
4/17/2023For Mordor
4/17/2023Get a life
4/17/2023The stupid is so strong with you fuckin libs, it's doubt you could find your ass with both hands in your back pockets.
4/17/2023I heard you use tampons in your butthole
4/16/2023Vaccine shill who treated others like garbage wants you all to forget the hateful rhetoric he spewed for a year. Fuck you, we havent forgotten
4/15/2023Nice thread
4/12/2023Brown Star Kachina
4/11/2023Patriot Green and Hope for a Better Future. Des
4/11/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
4/7/2023When is your next booster?
4/7/2023And another red for you, sock puppet
4/6/2023We will never forget and will never forgive -1
4/6/2023BS flag to be planted on Uranus
4/6/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
4/6/2023Look we get it, you got wrecked on your precious vaccine worship, turns out you were wrong in every aspect. Now the unvaxxed haunt you everyday, and we still dont have a single one. Bwahaha
4/4/2023Brown Star Kachina
4/1/2023Fuckboy zelenskyy’s BUTTPLUG!
3/29/2023Need to offset some of this green the other shills are giving you.
3/29/2023M0r3 green
3/28/2023Brown Star Kachina
3/28/2023Loser, why do you still post
3/28/2023Ingraham as lesbian? FO
3/27/2023You are the boot licking easily duped beta cuck chump
3/26/2023The pits of hell dug an additional pit just for you, and the rest of your CIA asset buddies.
3/21/2023Brown Star Kachina
3/21/2023Ampd G
3/20/2023Helping out!!
3/20/2023Get more red you paid shill scumbag
3/14/2023You forgot the time frame
3/14/2023Calls everyone conspiracy losers, but keeps getting vaxxed for a virus with a 99% survival rate. LMAO Definition of imbecile.
3/13/2023Brown Star Kachina
3/13/2023Not sure you even like green...
3/12/2023M0r3 green
3/10/2023More propaganda = more red
3/10/2023More drivel. I pity you.
3/10/2023Sanders is a idiot. good post.
3/9/2023Time for your booster!
3/9/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
3/9/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
3/6/2023Vax loving tool
3/6/2023Hate speech
3/6/2023Russophobe shill.
3/6/2023Bad advice
3/6/2023Just a brain dead idiot
3/6/2023You believe and spout so much nonsense it's really quite impressive. Ghey, but impressive!
3/5/2023Guzzler of propaganda.
3/5/2023You've gone full retard. We've warned you not to go full retard, and you did it anyways.
3/5/2023Fake news
3/4/2023You were the worst vaccine pushing bastard of all the ones left. The smart ones faded into the black. Figure it out, there is only one outcome
3/4/2023I wore out your mom's mitt.
3/4/2023Brown Star Kachina
3/3/2023For supporting Biden over Desantis...vino
3/2/2023Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/28/2023Can’t fix stupid.
2/27/2023For your shit stirring threads ! Mad Kelly
2/27/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
2/24/2023Uncle genitals cant push his poison jab so he goes to stir shit wherever he can. Dude youre pathetic
2/22/2023Brown Star Kachina
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