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Shadow Dance's Karma

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10/9/2020Fuel your body, fuel your immune system green! - TXP
8/23/2020You were conceived when your mother was fucked in the ass
8/17/2020Greenest blessings from the jungle. Happy in Nature
8/7/2020Excellent post about thr cycle of life! resonates with me -Tan
7/26/2020You sounded intelligent until you started talking of jesus.
5/14/2020Pork barrel of the globalists ...You got that right ! Reebl
5/1/2020Smart, don't forget about Emporer Constantine who is originally chose what to put in the bible. Yes to rule over the peasants.
4/23/2020From Michibama
4/14/2020Good thread
4/13/2020Grenade incoming for your Apathy remark! Outstanding!!!...save​d
3/20/2020China virus leak _ Lily o' the Valley
3/14/2020Fucking idiot, prep foods a re sold out cuz the .gov bought it all.
2/17/2020Don’t care then here’s more red
11/24/2019Love from a fellow sister
11/16/2019Lovin America - SaveUSa
11/3/2019Logic. 4th
10/18/2019Muslim scum
10/12/2019Geenade incoming! to keep portions of the population that still believe he was the messiah, from ....saved
10/6/2019REP U-UP! -Changed Out
9/25/2019For your post in purpose of life thread. KAN DAEK
8/31/2019Midland/Odessa errybody knows its Tejas
8/4/2019Your beliefs suck
8/3/2019Good point
8/3/2019I like your style! Carol B.
8/2/2019Nagging gets results! :) <3 Fossy
7/14/2019Have a GREEN day!-BF
6/28/2019"In case you failed to notice ... Trump doesn't want war"
6/23/2019Oprah comments. lmao - GenX Dude
6/22/2019Heart of stone. Jesus hater and sad, lost soul.
6/19/2019Satanist or muslim take your pick this user is a proper cynt.
6/19/2019"Abraham was an incestuous squatter." Hate fills your soul.
6/14/2019Urantia cult member
6/7/2019East coast west coast. -Thanks for your honest input! -= Travis Bickle =-
6/6/2019Terrible lack of empathy
5/27/2019Great post about the Mississippi River diverting. --DaisyGrace
5/24/2019Obama comment is just SO SO dumb.
5/12/2019Free Will - The ultimate gift +++
5/2/2019And you're still on GLP after 17 years of complaining about GLP. LOL
4/2/2019Great comment! Greenade incoming!!!!and neither one of them can stop discriminating against non-worshipers of Islam ....saved
3/15/2019Enjoy the Show! QSentMe
3/4/2019Patriot Green.. Fly Over
2/27/2019Geoengineering needs to stop. Thanks for your great post! Paranoiaaaaa
2/27/2019Great comments on arctic outbreak thread! Gyro Geargoose
2/14/2019Good response!
1/31/2019How is it you are so damn gay? You would blow Godzilla dongs if given the chance!
1/31/2019Arctic zone collapse
1/27/2019Great post
1/26/2019Fuck off
1/24/2019Proactive and helpful user
1/19/2019Yum, spice cake
1/8/2019Good thinking. SkinsUk
1/3/2019Gray man, thanks for post.
12/31/2018From reepster
12/31/2018Love Gnostic thought
12/26/2018Thanks for posting in my Something big thread. Have a great week, and a Happy New year! savcash
12/21/2018Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. +22toomany
12/20/2018Very warped theology. You need to learn history too.
12/9/2018The Lord will make you burn!
12/8/2018Space cadet
12/8/2018Jesus' last name isn't Christ - took the words right out of my mouth - Citizen1111
12/6/2018Green for you - BirdMom
11/30/2018Right you are (depop agenda obvious) ~ladedah
11/28/2018You don't really understand compassion
11/23/2018For exposing the lies of religion. ~ Zovalex
11/19/2018From Michibama
11/18/2018Nicest thing I've heard and read in years. Turtle
11/12/2018Bend up and smell my anal vapor. YOUR FACE IS MY TOILET PAPER.
11/12/2018Thanks for comments on vax thread.... ChivalryKnight
11/2/2018Bible history. Down with Abrahamic religion!!!
11/2/2018"artificial flavors' thx for informing, ChivalryKnight
10/31/2018I agree, if you have no yard for them to use.
10/28/2018Say chesse!
10/26/2018That is why they still sacrifice children, because that god isnt God. That is a tyrant. The God I know would never even think of doing such an evil act to children.
10/18/2018A true dick
10/18/2018For being an asshole everyday in everyway
10/18/2018What an ass
10/18/2018Haters will hate. You too will bow your knee in the end.
10/18/2018Full of new age shit
10/17/2018It's a sunny day. Chillax.
10/15/2018You are spot on about mut
10/15/2018You the man&AstroMut has penis breathe
10/11/2018Awesome post in bible thread! I love what you said.
10/11/2018Lovely post in the Thread about bible making one spiritual... KAN DAEK
10/9/2018I dont even want to be your friend, so there!
9/22/2018Red for you for handing out red on religious threads.
9/20/2018Well stated.
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