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10/16/2019Thanks for commenting on my Pistotnik thread! TrustNoOneKS
9/27/2019You eat the poo poo.
9/27/2019Stop being gay.
9/10/2019Gawd you're stupid.
9/10/2019Go fuck yourself
8/30/2019Such a self-righteous, sanctimonius blowhard. You DO realize how you're laughed at, right? Pompous poser, you're ignorant.
8/26/2019Great analysis
8/21/2019For your "...Denmark [and Greenland] was then -as now-"... input. thank you. :-) morgan
8/18/2019Thanks, I remember.
8/11/2019Your 200lbs of loser in a 100lbs bag
8/9/2019For posting against the nearby loudmouth anti-American. ~ White Gloves
8/9/2019Thank you so much for your valuable contributions to thread. Bodi Doc
8/9/2019Lol yup, what a nasty little bastard Revenant is. - Happy Friday! - Lumberghini
8/8/2019For spreading false info on Toxoplasma
7/26/2019False teacher
7/26/2019Troublemaker! :) .... nutmeg....
7/19/2019Green for you! love Miss Cleo
7/10/2019Chin up, stiff lip. Hang in there, you'll make it. All the best! duFontaine
7/9/2019Thanks for thread re rip torn!! a real talent. --digital mix guy
7/9/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
7/3/2019And all liars/deceivers will have their judgment day. enjoy yours.
7/1/2019I appreciate your perspective in the "Rising intolerance or pushback" thread. What a refreshing voice. Thank you for speaking up. ~ Renaissance Woman
6/6/2019Great pissing off the principal story! - Morpheus
6/6/2019For the source of middle east wars.
5/31/2019I like your style. love Miss Cleo
5/28/2019Pizza Hut story - Acula
3/17/2019Do you think this real? -- Wolf 1776
3/16/2019Great comment ~~sseess
3/10/2019Hot head
3/4/2019Green from reepster - good EO info
2/28/2019You're a fag
2/23/2019Zionist Shill
2/20/2019Biggus Dickus Green - Louis in Richmond
2/18/2019Good thread topic and I believe you're correct - Callin
2/17/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/17/2019Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
2/16/2019JFK stuff -- Hillary's Dirty Diaper
2/15/2019The short bus called. they are waiting on you at the corner
2/13/2019Lighten up, it's GLP and always just a 'temporary state'. Fret Wiz
2/11/2019If anything, elites dread the day ETs contact us openly. The current mess we are in is our own, they won't and can't do anything.
2/1/2019Haha, so true "are most men these days gay" thread.
1/31/2019Liar and agent of Satan
1/29/2019Great topic! Nice to see another gay who wants
1/25/2019Great info on NE's - thanks! ~ Green from Flashbuzzkill
1/22/2019Champagne is free
1/15/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/13/2019From a current hard working federal supervisor
1/10/2019Me either.... Vision
1/7/2019I think you misplaced your anger at who and what actually corroded our nations values. - clevercreator
1/7/2019You lil bit getting on my nerves today
1/5/2019Mass murder, no matter whom it is against, is the very opposite of Jesus's teachings. Better Repent!
12/31/2018Hellow Children
12/31/2018Annoying shit stain /WBW
12/24/2018Some neg karma for insulting everyone
12/24/2018Fuck off
12/22/2018Lowly turd... Sad too because you showed such promise once upon a time...
12/22/2018Your being rude to other members and being crude in general.
12/22/2018Good work
12/22/2018Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/22/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/21/2018Good post on the Romans
12/15/2018For actually reading a source!
12/11/2018What a well written, informative post. Thanks.
12/11/2018GJ on a thoughtful post on a topic most GLPers are too afraid of to consider appropriately.
12/2/2018Awesome post in Cannabis thread!
12/1/2018For JFK may one day you find the truth about Oswald
11/30/2018Fukk Off Red Harma me u Fukkk Sukkit
11/30/2018Here's some red for being a shill. ElleMira
11/14/2018Anger's posing videos
11/8/2018Good info
11/1/2018Foolishness is not a good personality trait.
10/12/2018From Adytum
9/26/2018Excellent info
9/15/2018Knows what he likes to invest. Crash
9/10/2018Great thread on the gifts from.... KAN DAEK
9/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
9/3/2018Right on
8/22/2018Presumptuous and pompous jackass. You know EXACTLY who this is from.
8/17/2018Don't be rude
8/5/2018For your posts on kratom. Paranoiaaaaa
8/4/2018Thank you for the info on kratom - Callin
8/3/2018Thank you so very much for the great advice!
8/2/2018You're not just eloquent, but witty too. You're great. NowIhave
6/20/2018Liberals are not 'Progressive' at all. You just don't get it.
6/20/2018Fuck off you commie shitbox
6/20/2018Greeting from T-man you so called 60 year old higly intelligent dumbass.
6/16/2018Shoooz .. don't leave home without them ~ Evangelina
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