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11/27/2023Shill fuck
11/26/2023GLP's most retarded member
11/24/2023You're an old hippie
11/22/2023MOAR red, for the glp resident shill!
11/19/2023You're lying.
11/18/2023Fuck your mother
11/18/20231 because you dont have to like MAGA to hate your guts. ;)
11/17/2023Go eat an asshole UTownReturns
11/16/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
11/13/2023Nope, he was cheated plain and simple
11/11/2023Lost, blind, babbling idiot
11/10/2023For your post: Republicans lose big time again - nice to know that not everyone on this site is a maga cult member! -Shak
11/8/2023Stupid shitbag
11/8/2023You are by far one huge, Piece of absolute shit…
11/8/2023Unborn baby killer
11/8/2023Totally agree. They shouldn’t have messed with Roe
11/8/2023WARNING!!!! Major Leftist Shill Constantly Pushing Leftist Agenda!
11/8/2023All red for you your only reason here is to instigate
11/8/2023Child sacrifice enthusiast, burn in hell
11/8/2023Fetus isn't a baby? Do you even science bro?
11/8/2023Eat shit
11/8/2023Your mom needs to have a really late term abortion.
11/8/2023Abortion is a radical belief asshole
11/8/2023Abortion is murder you demonic goon
11/8/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
11/8/2023Red for loving killing children.
11/6/2023Thanks for showing up at the patrot bar. Liked the chaps. YOu are handsome. Love Trigger. Come around more often lover
11/3/2023Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/29/2023You really are a miserable person...really must suck to be around yourself all day
10/27/2023Sick Evil Fvck!
10/26/2023Fuck your mother
10/26/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
10/19/202370s and still down
10/13/2023Do you hate everything? I feel bad for you
10/13/2023RED attracts RED
10/13/2023False info and no source
10/12/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
10/11/2023Dude you need some green. so much red .what the hell did you do. LOL
10/11/2023Give er hell
10/10/2023Dividing the Holy Land
10/6/2023Bye bye a little closer
10/5/2023Critical thinking is not “Worshipping Putin!â€
10/5/2023Russians have zero reason to attack civilians in Kharkov
10/5/2023Yes, u r nothing, Putin is a god
10/5/2023Hope we can get more next time.
10/4/2023Learn to TIMELINE
10/4/2023Liar Trump is our hope.
10/4/2023Like you need more RED, you SICK PRICK
10/3/2023Imma be honest with you I dont really have reason to give you red, i just want to see what an all red bar looks like
10/3/2023Still showing off that major butt hurt severe TDS, while being an annoying little bitch.
10/3/2023You do not lack common sense.
9/29/2023Thank you for the god thread on target, take it as a green
9/28/2023C word
9/28/2023Obvious troll
9/28/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
9/28/2023Bizarre bahavior
9/28/2023You people...
9/28/2023Keep it up idiot
9/28/2023Get lost you leftist mental defective
9/28/2023Trump is your President. Accept your fate.
9/28/2023Boost up, retard
9/28/2023Total Fucktard you are ... Please get 5 more Booster shots !
9/28/2023The election was stolen, a coup, Biden was installed. President Trump is the rightful, legitimate President. ElleMira
9/28/2023BrainGuy sends his regards to your husband.
9/28/2023You should be worried
9/26/2023Once a dumbfuck, always a dumbfuck
9/25/2023Fuck you
9/25/2023Still showing off that major butt hurt severe TDS
9/13/2023Fuck off
9/9/2023Fuck off
9/9/2023Drop in the ocean
9/9/2023North Dakota Farm Animal Lover, back at it again. Your intelligence hasn't gone up, I can see that.
9/9/2023Leftist government shill..
9/9/2023Why are you still a faagot crying about Trump? Go give Joe a blowie.
9/9/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
9/7/2023Just stop posting as you are clueless.
9/6/2023Sick devil. -1
9/6/2023Trump sucks hence all the red wear it proudly
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