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NDFarm's Karma

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6/17/2021Trump lives in your head 24/365 MAGA!!
6/17/2021Not getting redder nearly fast enough. You should have a full red karma bar by now.
6/17/2021Larping fuck
6/17/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
6/17/2021Giving you green cause asshole like Astromut have too much of it
6/17/2021Putin vs SlowJoe
6/17/2021I agree with putin
6/16/2021You need a hit of green
6/16/2021Just because, well you know why
6/16/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
6/16/2021Helping you get your full red bar....cause assholes like you deserve it
6/15/2021Key word, dumbass
6/14/2021Consistantly wrong.
6/13/2021Lets go for a full red bar!
6/12/2021Here we are once again
6/12/2021Youre almost gone
6/11/2021More red for you!
6/11/2021Typhoid Mary of TDS
6/8/2021Helping you get your full red bar....cause assholes like you deserve it
6/8/2021Red for commies.
6/7/2021Almost there, ND Farm! Just a little farther to go and you will have a solid red bar! Keep up the good work! ~ Zovalex
6/5/2021Great post!
6/4/2021The worst
6/2/2021Lets add to the red
6/2/2021My fweeedoms
5/30/2021May God change your heart...
5/30/2021You look good in red and are in for a huge surprise about reality soon
5/29/2021God fucking help your filthy worthless existence if I were to meet you in person. ~ Zovalex
5/29/2021Low IQ poster
5/29/2021Pound sand you fucking nazi!!!
5/28/2021Shithead fake farmer.
5/28/2021So farmers with mental illness can still farm and troll? How the mud harvest coming?
5/28/2021Fucking Turd!
5/27/2021Trump didn't lose anything Nodak! More red for you clown!
5/27/2021Could not have said it better then the guy below me....You, by far, are the dumbest fucking person on this board. Your lack of knowledge or reasoning, makes despise your idiotic posts.
5/27/2021You, by far, are the dumbest fucking person on this board. Your lack of knowledge or reasoning, makes despise your idiotic posts.
5/27/2021Still haven't quite figured out who this sock belongs to. But it sure keeps the 'grrrr' on don't it? XD
5/27/2021Echo chamber residents not welcome here!
5/27/2021I bet soros paid for that federal judge. Willing to bet?
5/27/2021Biggest douche on GLP
5/27/2021Dik wad
5/27/2021Always something ignorant
5/27/2021Your right! It was a TrumpTard that massacred 9 people in Cali...This is what TTards do when they get too unhinged.
5/27/2021Your idiocy makes my head hurt i never do this but red to you turn off the mind control screen
5/27/2021You need green and I agree with you.
5/27/2021Pull the cock out of your mouth!! and wake up, not woke dumbass..
5/27/2021You will never be a REAL Woman
5/27/2021Raging phAgggg got
5/27/2021Your entire life is a big lie
5/27/2021You suck
5/27/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
5/24/2021Sad sack of shit
5/22/2021Do you realize your stupidity has made you one of worst posters in glp history?
5/20/2021Almost there douchebag
5/20/2021Bumps threads about jesus to spew garbage. hell is near, repent and believe in Jesus
5/20/2021Get the fuck out asshole,
5/19/2021Still a Zombie Scrub!
5/19/2021God bless you and yours
5/19/2021Literally removing illegals from a country the way Spanish soldiers did is a controlled act of immigration you antichristian ass.
5/19/2021No biblical knowledge
5/19/2021Sometimes When I fuck your sister she moans your name at climax. You nasty incestual fuck!!!!
5/19/2021You are a sad human
5/18/2021Posting ABC news as source.
5/18/2021Here's some RED since you behave like a CCP Communist
5/18/2021Some green because fuck Trump and the Qtards.
5/18/2021ABC15 sucks. So do you.
5/16/2021Dumbass sheeple
5/15/2021You are almost there, ND! Just a little more and your karma bar will be solid red! Then you can change your name to Big Red Dickhead! ~ Zovalex
5/14/2021I give red like you give blow jobs in truckstop parking lot
5/13/2021Keep grasping for straws, putz
5/13/2021Tit for tat you stupid bitch
5/13/2021You are by far the Idiot of GLP! Congrats asshole.
5/12/2021Dem Cultist!!!!
5/10/2021For being communist
5/7/2021Trump won by a huge landslide shilltard ass!
5/6/2021Have a Nice Day!
5/6/2021You're an ass, but that title was fucking hilarious.
5/6/2021The NDFarmtard shit posting again
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