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NDFarm's Karma

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10/28/2020NDfarms is just a fukcing troll ass piece of shit
10/27/2020Nasty commie scum
10/26/2020Don't be dumb
10/26/2020Brianwashed moran
10/26/2020Rock on
10/26/2020Lance was here
10/26/2020It's a PLANdemic fool.
10/26/2020Tired of NDTard's Never Trump Bullshit. Crybaby, Whiny MF
10/26/2020You still suck
10/26/2020Posted a stupid thread that was pinned.
10/26/2020Delete your account, shithead
10/26/2020Trump's a con man and should be called out
10/26/2020Turd Burglar
10/26/2020Trump knows the truth, you don't.
10/26/2020You still have no clue. Do you love being hated? Please go away Nodack
10/26/2020Biggest fucking idiot on GLP
10/26/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
10/26/2020Green for you
10/25/2020I agree, first time in 15 years seeing em here.
10/24/2020LOL aww, is poor wittle libtard shocked that their party of choice is completely corrupt and in denial?
10/24/2020Another whiff
10/24/2020Buwahaha, hells bells, the witches are gonna cast spells. You are such a fucking loser.
10/23/2020Believes in Witches annd Wizards Tard-O Bane this Idiot already
10/22/2020Don’t be a turd
10/22/2020Only a fool would believe Biden was ahead in Tejas
10/21/2020Blaming the cow for your genital warts is just cruel blaming the poor chickens for your herpes.
10/20/2020Well deserved. Fuck you.
10/20/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/20/2020Pedo sympathizer
10/19/2020Muh russia
10/18/2020Takes a pedo to love a pedo. do u sniff um up too?
10/16/2020Braver than any of you trumptard sheep. Any day.
10/16/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
10/16/2020If you are a farmer (I doubt it) you are an embarrassment!
10/16/2020Another stupid post
10/16/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
10/13/2020Your desperation is palpable - keep trying
10/13/2020Suuuuuuper clever bait bro!!
10/13/2020U Are One Stooopid Fukkkk
10/12/2020Goes to Scotland with mirrors on his shoes just to look up kilts and see gooch.
10/11/2020You are one dumb assed SOB!
10/11/2020You are still a liberal, leftist troll and always will be. Fuck off!
10/11/2020Juan Star was here you retard.
10/10/2020You suck
10/10/2020Youre a weak little bitch
10/10/2020Endless shill
10/10/2020Have some red, Fauci Fanboy.
10/9/2020Why have you not taken the hint and left yet? More red for you
10/9/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
10/9/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
10/9/2020Farmers are usually logical. why not you? beeches
10/9/2020Lib dipshit
10/9/2020Fuck You!!!
10/9/2020You need some green catseye
10/8/2020Eat a dick
10/8/2020Green from darkness
10/7/2020Credibility is zip, zero, nada. Hope your week goes well, but yes, your credibility is rather poor. Replace poor with extinct.
10/7/2020You're funny - Xenophon
10/7/2020Nice seeing ya
10/6/2020Go away Hillary!
10/6/2020Green for not being afraid to speak the truth
10/5/2020You are like a problematic pimple that just won't go away...always there festering beneath the surface, occasionally rearing it's ugly head
10/5/2020Oh dear God, shut up!
10/4/2020Telling the truth among hostile em
10/4/2020Just when i thought you couldn't get any gayer, there ya go, sucking paki cock at a playground.
10/2/2020Commie bastard
10/2/2020Fucking Sheep!
9/30/2020You know
9/30/2020Wrong again!
9/30/2020Green for not being afraid to speak the truth
9/29/2020What 'says it all' is that you're a USA Hating Traitor.
9/29/2020Incredibly stupid, even for an exceptionally stupid person
9/29/2020Stupd post
9/29/2020This will match your sore butt.
9/29/2020Have some more red
9/27/2020Still sucking liberal cock like a Champ!
9/27/2020Have another
9/27/2020Loser with a micro penis smaller than Cannabis Kills People's micro dick
9/25/2020Eat a fat one.
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