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NDFarm's Karma

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5/30/2019Made yourself look like a fool again...
5/29/2019Have some more red
5/28/2019Nice karma ya got there, douche. Let me add another bit of red for you.
5/28/2019Why is God punishing the world with your presence. Do God a favor and kill yourself by swan diving into a wood chipper please.
5/28/2019How do you have the time and strength to farm with your bf's dick up your ass all day? That must be tiring.
5/25/2019Red for being a commie cunt
5/25/2019Red for being anti-America. People like you need to be deported.
5/25/2019We Need The Wall
5/25/2019Sodomite obama poo poo lover
5/25/2019I see why you are so popular
5/25/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
5/23/2019Coolone... I only give green
5/22/2019Dumbest member on the board, bar none.
5/22/2019For posting CNN talking points with no evidence to back it up
5/22/2019Trump bump :)
5/22/2019Bogus Website bnnbloomberg.ca When are you liberal pukes going to give up? The wall will be built and lefties will be punished
5/22/2019Thats a start fuckface
5/21/2019Dumb ass demoncrat
5/21/2019More RED for you
5/21/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
5/21/2019Great FACTUAL threads!! Keep going your RED means Trump Humpers dont like the TRUTH!!
5/20/2019Your weekly red
5/19/2019Karma is a bitch. Ohhhh too bad you lost your paid sub.
5/18/2019Twisting the truth, as usual. You are an anti Trump piece of shit.
5/17/2019WOW you could actually beat NJ Russ' bad karma record, let me help you : )
5/17/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/17/2019Hell, no one even clicks your threads anymore. You must have a zero existence to waste your life as such. Just sayin'.
5/16/2019Heard that your IQ was 60. Prove it's not true.
5/16/2019You again? Be gone!
5/13/2019Tick Tock
5/13/2019Goofy lefty
5/12/2019I miss the trolls that were actually good
5/12/2019For spraying your crops with Glyphosate
5/12/2019Hope you get evicted you parasite.
5/9/2019Look at that KARMA! RED RED RED.
5/8/2019Such a faggot its hilarious
5/8/2019Go away you LOON
5/8/2019I bet the only thing you farm is corn. Naturally ribbed with the right size to tickle your prolapsed asshole and prostate.
5/8/2019Incorrect on everything
5/8/2019Proving once again the left believe propaganda / lies...
5/1/2019No subsidies for communists...sorry comrade.
5/1/2019Single topic shill. Doubt youve ever worked a farm or been to ND.
4/30/2019Lame propaganda as usual
4/30/2019Take AIDS meds.
4/28/2019Eat a dick
4/28/2019You need some more red for your anti-American posted sentiments.
4/27/2019Christians are not violent.
4/25/2019Glad he paid the bill Commie Cuck
4/25/2019Fails to look at facts and just wants to name call for his/her bias
4/25/2019What...that's all ya got! haha...what a commie ass--here's your red!
4/25/2019This shill loves getting red! ~ DeplorableOldMan
4/20/2019I agree
4/19/2019What is wrong with you? IT's OVER. YOU LOST. You are NOT the smartest in every room you enter.
4/19/2019Suck a fat cock
4/19/2019Russian bot
4/19/2019You are the enemy
4/19/2019TDS GEt help FAST
4/19/2019Liberal cunt. pathetic really.
4/19/2019Trump bump :)
4/19/2019There is libertarians like me
4/19/2019Fuck Off you brain dead liberal cunt
4/19/2019Have a round on me Ver1tas
4/19/2019Green for good post!! Tumpers cant handle the truth can they!!
4/19/2019Achievement Unlocked: Went Full Retard
4/19/2019Fuck off faggot ass
4/19/2019Get the fuck back to your Democrat Underground.
4/19/2019Your a fucking idiot
4/19/2019TRUMP owns you. You will respect the POTUS. You will cash in your welfare and donate it all to TRUMPS 2020 election.
4/19/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
4/19/2019Get those black cocks out of your ass and mouth and quit being such a I love black people loving faggot
4/19/2019Trump troll!
4/18/2019What a sad, pathetic life you must live. Keep fighting for your slavery. Your masters thank you. Good luck in life, you DEFINITELY need it
4/17/2019Still wishing upon a star, are you? The Mueller report will put the final nails in the coffin of the DNC
4/17/2019More red for your idiocy
4/15/2019Sloth love Chunk. Cho-co-late.
4/8/2019You actually said something I agree with. Here's some green.
4/5/2019Haven't had your ass handed to you enough yet eh? You sick sad pathetic commie fag.
4/5/2019Commie fag
4/5/2019You're a flaming idiot.
4/4/2019You're a flaming idiot.
4/4/2019YOU SUCK ASS...TRUMP 2020 and even 2024,3 terms take that and cry with!
4/4/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
4/3/2019Your hatred for trump shows true stupidity!
4/3/2019LOL you have a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. XD I'll bet he never thinks about you like this.
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