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12/7/2018Fuck off Nancy Boy
12/4/2018You are an idiot, a “useful idiot†I might add for saying Trump has dementia.
12/4/2018You can't be this fucking stupid can you?
12/4/20181 star for your shitty thread and negative karma for your faggotry
12/3/2018How do you find the time to post with all the anal stretching sessions with your daddy? You must post in between sessions.
12/2/2018You dont suck dicks. You just hold in your mouth til swelling goes down
12/2/2018Oh little fag, how lost and brain dead thou art!
12/2/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/1/2018Stupid response
11/30/2018Not much grows on your farm...does it.
11/30/2018What the fuck are you even crying about now, you incoherent dumb ass Democrat!
11/27/2018Wow, what a dumbass bitch
11/25/2018We are full
11/25/2018Khashoggi murder
11/25/2018You're a beacon of light, friend
11/25/2018Khashoggi who?
11/24/2018Libturd dummy
11/24/2018Who cares if the hajis kill each other. grow the fuck up.
11/24/2018Proof ?
11/24/2018Hopeless retard
11/21/2018Trump will NEVER be impeached you tards dont get that tho
11/20/2018Just stop with the attacks on Trumps ethics.
11/20/2018Stupid immature person
11/19/2018Quit posting fake news articles
11/19/2018Jim Acosta's cock is deep in your ass.
11/19/2018Four assed monkey
11/19/2018This just in: you're still an idiot
11/19/2018Stop masturbating over images of Obama you fag. Its gay.
11/18/2018Planting some more red for your RedFarm
11/18/2018Change your name to NPC. DOnt you have a gay pride rally to attend?
11/17/2018More red in your ledger
11/17/2018Keep believing that BS, meanwhile the investigations of fraud, and then the arrests follow.
11/16/2018I guess your day job at the gay glory hole "sucks" like you
11/14/2018Dumb ass
11/11/2018Fkn kill yourself
11/11/2018NPC: Parroting the script handed to you verbatim. You have no free will!
11/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/9/2018No one cares....
11/9/2018Anti-Trump-tard. -- TDS is a thing!
11/9/2018Seems you like bad karma. Go insulting somewhere else.
11/9/2018Piece of worthy shit, smelly cunt. Back at ya fuckstick
11/7/2018Feed the troll with red karma
11/7/2018Pompous jerk
11/5/2018Homer Seksu All.
11/5/2018Right on
11/4/2018Women and children? Were you dropped on your head as a child?
11/4/2018Trump cultist love
11/3/2018God says red for you, cocksucker.
11/3/2018For not giving up in the face of the abusive Trump cultists
11/3/2018Popular demand
11/3/2018Sucker lol
11/3/2018All communist flags are red. Here's some red for you. You almost have enough to make your own flag.
11/3/2018NPC & paid troll. You have absolutely no redeeming qualities.
11/3/2018Fuck off, no one likes you here
11/3/2018I still like beer
11/3/2018There's a reason for your red marks, you're dumb as shit.
11/3/2018Trump bump :)
11/3/2018For using Vanity Fair as your reference
11/3/2018You still haven't pulled your head out of your Ass!
11/3/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/3/2018You're not a 1 trick pony, I do appreciate that!
11/2/2018Oh Yea
11/2/2018Why are you even here? i kinda feel bad for you
11/2/2018You gonna shoot them retard?
11/1/2018Wohl is a fool. LOL. These suckers believe anything.- LiteaFart
11/1/2018A very stupid person
10/31/2018Look it's the prophesied red hepher.
10/30/2018Apologist for rape
10/28/2018Let's trade some green :) thanks, savcash
10/27/2018Nazi are national socialist you fucking moran
10/27/2018Lying Shill
10/27/2018I wanted to
10/26/2018Actually you need to be quiet for a while. ~Mr.Fox
10/26/2018Fuck you for forcing me to give you my last karma when there are a lot of intelligent posters out there deserving my green.
10/26/2018I agree. keep spreading the right message
10/26/2018Tree fiddy
10/26/2018I would offer a bit of wisdom, but that would be trite given your only earning tree fiery for your dribbles. -- CleverCreator
10/26/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
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