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NDFarm's Karma

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10/25/2018Ha ha ha! Your karma comments made me LOL and that's worth a green any time.
10/25/2018The waaaamulance is arriving for you. Don't forget plenty of hankies.
10/23/2018You certainly deserve good karmas for saying truthful things.
10/17/2018Farming Some Red Today i See
10/16/2018Stop posting Hillary! ~Q
10/16/2018Were is the ethics? Where is your spelling skills?
10/16/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
10/15/2018Red wave is coming for you
10/15/2018For having to much teeth action on your blowjobs
10/15/2018For standing up for truth and honesty
10/15/2018Full of shit head
10/14/2018Here's more red for your bitchass.
10/10/2018Bs what?
10/10/2018Wrong again ass wipe. Face it. You're just not good at this thinking of stuff to say. Learn to listen...
10/9/2018Keep posting! Your desperation only reassures us of our victory. ~sikhed
10/5/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/5/2018Just leave GLP. Eat a bag of dicks.
10/5/2018Tried to derail my thread
10/4/2018Shoves buttered hot potatoes up his ass to make them mashed. Sick bastard.
10/3/2018White trash = welfare loser
10/3/2018Stop sticking fruit up your arse you freaky bastard. Your mum doesn't like brown bananas.
10/3/2018Unfortunately, it was a stupid thing to do.
10/3/2018Dumb, dumb, dumb
10/3/2018U no
10/2/2018More Red for you paid Shareblue Shill
10/2/2018Moran Liberal Tranny
9/30/2018Guess who? Here's a hint, rhymes with ReD
9/30/2018Good poster.
9/30/2018Adding to your red wave
9/30/2018Because it's been a week.
9/29/2018Shit for brains = Dems= you
9/29/2018Butthurt boo boo baby
9/29/2018Lame post
9/29/2018Trump bump :)
9/29/2018Trump never pretended to be a veteran. $3.50 denied.
9/28/2018STHU dipshit
9/28/2018Supplemental is not new
9/28/2018Stupid fuck. Stop raping children
9/28/2018Heidi Heitkamp is going BUH BYE. Liberal crybaby farmers
9/28/2018You love to be tooled in the basement by libtards. You likely have AIDS.
9/28/2018Share blue
9/28/2018Fuck you
9/28/2018You lack common sense
9/28/2018All through my excrements ye shall roam. Open up your mouth and taste the foam.
9/28/2018I didn't want to be left out
9/28/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/28/2018How another wall of red
9/28/2018You don't have enough, here's more!
9/28/2018Some green
9/28/2018Have some more
9/28/2018Truth! - LiteaFart
9/28/2018What's one more red?
9/27/2018NDFarm is a crying snowflake liberal
9/27/2018You know you're nuts, right
9/27/2018It's nothing personal, but if I wanted to be told the same 3 things to think, I'd turn on the TV.
9/27/2018You're an idiot
9/27/2018You're a fucking idiot
9/27/2018You clearly don't understand the correct process of law.
9/27/2018Very well then. With love and zero admiration I present. MultiStrada
9/27/2018Not to bright are you..
9/27/2018Sack of shit dindooo
9/27/2018Dare accepted. Here is your RED Buddy. ~ Judge Brett
9/27/2018DemoRAT! faggot!
9/27/2018El gayo quacko - you lost
9/27/2018Kavanaughs daughter would pray for you. Not me though
9/27/2018How’s that working for you?
9/27/2018Everyone hates you
9/27/2018Oh look, a political pawn posting from their phone. Is that you, Milano?
9/27/2018How much does soror pay you to be a tit?
9/27/2018Utter stupidity
9/27/2018You're not helping yourself with your stupid.
9/25/2018Shareblue shill
9/25/2018Liberal scum
9/25/2018Okay..., just keep cashing your 3.50 checks.
9/23/2018Loves dead McCains dick
9/23/2018Idiot Alert
9/21/2018Quit sending me anal fisting pics.
9/21/2018Your an Asshole---get Right You Icdiot!!!!
9/19/2018Satan's tool.
9/18/2018Shareblue Paid Shill
9/18/2018This one is a Soros funded satanic cunt with 5 brain cells. But only 4 are active.
9/17/2018Smoke another dick, asshole (no stars needed snowflake)
9/17/2018Good comment
9/14/2018Mind of a child
9/14/2018Idiot Alert !
9/14/2018Sign this tune
9/14/2018Animal fats and Atkins...thx....Chiva​lryK
9/13/2018Trump owns you.
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