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NDFarm's Karma

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9/14/2018Idiot Alert !
9/14/2018Sign this tune
9/14/2018Animal fats and Atkins...thx....Chiva​lryK
9/13/2018Trump owns you.
9/9/2018Fagloid 5000. <- You likely trench as many c0cks per second.
9/8/2018Thank you for sucking my enormous cock last night. ~Michelle Obama
9/8/2018Ignorant asshat
9/6/2018You again? Ok here you go... Trump bump :)
9/5/2018Idiot. Wont stop sucking McCstains dead tiny cock. Sick bastard!
9/4/2018You're fucking retarded lol
9/4/2018Liberal troll does not belong on glp
9/4/2018We know what you are.
9/4/2018Play this
9/3/2018Why are you even here in this pro-President Trump forum ?
9/3/2018Didnt watch it did you?
9/3/2018Eat many dicks :)
9/3/2018POS. Kill yourself and make the world a better place.
8/30/2018The real world hates you
8/30/2018STFU! Troll
8/30/2018"Defending John McCain, the Human Pile Of Garbage." Ditto
8/30/2018Defending John McCain, the Human Pile Of Garbage.
8/29/2018Another trump hating-america hating TARD... Go figure.
8/29/2018No cure available
8/28/2018What a faggot you are, lmao
8/28/2018Hurr, derp. Follow your messiah Hillary!
8/27/2018You're an asshole. Come back when you have something to offer!
8/27/2018Will you quit being a tard
8/27/2018Sheep they are ~~sseess
8/26/2018Red for commies
8/26/2018Ugly and stupid; awful way for you to go thru life, " ND Farmer"
8/25/2018Dont be so dumb
8/25/2018Suck mccains tiny dead cock you sick fuck
8/25/2018We don't support communist traitors
8/24/2018Just cuz you are an airhead.
8/21/2018Fuk u
8/21/2018U got a lot of RED - must speak 2 much truth for GLP
8/21/2018This Democrat likes to wrap his boyfriends black bat wing over his nose and sniff like there is no tomorrow.
8/21/2018Not likely
8/20/2018Chaneg your name to: RedTrollFarm
8/20/2018Have some more low IQ
8/18/2018Cunts gonna cunt
8/18/2018"heavy sigh"
8/18/2018Paid FOX shill
8/18/2018Tree fiddy
8/17/2018Trump Bump
8/17/2018I’m taking he green away from you that was just left. Trump bump :)
8/17/2018Stupid op
8/17/2018Dumb and a troll.
8/17/2018Liberal cuck! Just suck on michells cock already you fucking moran brian dead!
8/17/2018Happy to leave this for you. Happy Happy
8/17/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/16/2018You're a loser.
8/15/2018Burn Them All Down!
8/15/2018Best post in a while
8/15/2018Red suits you well commie.-Tritz
8/15/2018Retarded logic
8/13/2018Dementia is real I know people who had, he wouldn't talking if he did. you are a fool.
8/12/2018Good job - Pacific
8/12/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/12/2018Wow what a leftist fuck clown you are
8/10/2018Keep speaking the truth about the Q cult. To have more reds than greens on this site such as this is a badge of honor.
8/10/2018Shill or misinformed
8/8/2018He's taking a stand. - FFS that little faggot lives on his knees.
8/8/2018Be quiet you stupid faggot
8/8/2018Just cuz.
8/7/2018Communist shill!
8/7/2018You are a triator to your country. Keep pushing moron.
8/6/2018Because I feel like it. Worshiping Trump makes me see red
8/5/2018Yeah... we’re going to need to ask you to stop posting pictures of little boys penises um Kay.... this isn’t your personal diddlers message board um kay... take t
8/5/2018Keep telling the truth- LiteaFart
8/3/2018Trump bump
8/1/2018What a dildo.
8/1/2018For racist comments
7/28/2018Thank you in the Q thread bro. They gonna red karma you and I`m giving you this green to help. (Beast Baby)
7/26/2018I said the same thing! LiteaFart
7/19/2018Awwwww, did sumwun hewt your widdo
7/17/2018Dumb Fuck
7/17/2018Have some more red
7/16/2018For being a stupid cunt
7/16/2018I am Putin, I give you red...
7/16/2018For being a stupid cunt
7/16/2018"trump cultists" good summary
7/15/2018More lies; only a total idiot would believe your lies.
7/5/2018Jerk off.
7/5/2018No we are not
7/3/2018Stop asking to suck my dick faggot
6/29/2018Fuck off to the democratic underground
6/25/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/25/2018Stupid motherfucking retard
6/20/2018He didn't flip flop you twatwaffle
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