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NDFarm's Karma

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8/26/2019Because red Karma must mean you spread too much truth... Baal Molech
8/26/2019Waa waa waa!
8/26/2019Relativity liked your thread!
8/26/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/26/2019Another dumbass post. Par for the course from a dumbass
8/25/2019Commie cunt
8/21/2019For breaking your promise on moving to canada when Trump won 2016. What you gonna do on his next 4 years?
8/20/2019Big mouth is his worst enemy. He need to keep it closed more. And quit his stupid tweeting too.Your
8/18/2019Ultimate retard on GLP
8/17/2019The Fake Farmers/Woe is me cult is definately near the top of the list
8/17/2019Do you EVER quit bitching and crying?
8/16/2019You're drinking lib propaganda tonight.
8/12/2019Shill thread from a guy that should be busy about now
8/12/2019Orange Man bad!
8/12/2019You've hit the threshold for being a dick.
8/12/2019I see everyone's favorite Liberal cuck out posting tripe again
8/11/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/10/2019Try the local glory hole, not GLP. You can make more than $3.50 there, and enjoy your job more.
8/10/2019Hardest working TROLL on GLP.
8/10/2019Yep, the Clintons and other prominent Demonrats are off the hook....how convenient indeed!
8/10/2019Why are the leftists so damn stupid?
8/10/2019Eat a bag of dicks Hillary
8/10/2019Communist asking to suck dick
8/10/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/6/2019Shill..go suck soros' cawk
8/5/2019Another re-occuring communist phaggot that stirs the shit. Go blow one of your donkeys, shitstain.
8/4/2019"\What about"these rights shall no be infringed" do you not understand???
8/3/2019NPC shit stirring bot
8/2/2019Please fuck off and die. You contribute NOTHING to this world except methane from your ass and your mouth
8/2/2019It can't be easy being a miserable hman being with blinders on all the the time. Here's some pity red.
8/2/2019For bringing a much needed education to the Trumptards. You're doing great!
8/2/2019Only people that lie as much as you are government bureaucrats.
8/2/2019I can see why you have so much bad karma. You deserve it.
8/2/2019Your Brain needs an enema
8/1/2019A veritable sea of red
8/1/2019Idiot lib
7/30/2019Shit farmers farm shit
7/29/2019Try the local glory hole. You can make more than $3.50 there, and enjoy your job more.
7/28/2019Stoopidest member of GLP
7/28/2019Fuck off go beat your 1 inch cock to Hillary some more
7/28/2019Trump bump for a brand new shiny fence :)
7/24/2019Someone should give you positive karma because the Trumpoids won't.
7/24/2019You seem to like red, have some more!
7/24/2019POS Antifa
7/24/2019I bet you procreate like a gremlin. You get wet and a bunch of spud monsters start growing off of you that look like Sloth from the Goonies. Do you feed your autistic spud monsters chocolate?
7/24/2019Relentless retard
7/24/2019Sore loser #MAGA
7/24/2019Trump isn't scared you POS Antifa
7/23/2019Don't you have a LBGTQ parade to be at? That parade is missing it's "Queen"
7/23/2019MSN is fake news Real proof needed.
7/22/2019Grow up.
7/21/2019Anti american shill
7/18/2019Look at what you support....
7/16/2019Posted a retarded thread that was pinned.
7/16/2019Proud card-carrying TDS gelding.
7/16/2019The village idiot posts yet again
7/16/2019Trump bump :)
7/16/2019This dicktrap is diseased!
7/16/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
7/15/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/15/2019Trump is your president!
7/15/2019Welcome back you POS Trump hater!! I missed giving you red for your asinine comments and Trump bashing threads!! - TGM
7/10/2019Democrat shitbag
7/3/2019Degenerate freak.
7/3/2019Fuck off you moron we..
7/2/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/26/2019Lance from BC, you simply suck.
6/24/2019What are you doing to help the poor in the U.S. Yeah, I thought naught.
6/23/2019Your sea of red represents your red and wrecked anus.. We all know how it happened.
6/20/2019Right back atcha, motherfucker. Biggest loudmouth loser on GLP and that's saying something, cum breath.
6/16/2019Hope you're having a great pride month. This is the one month you can celebrate your fagness with no judgement. If you want to want to walk w a dildo up your ass, you go boi
6/15/2019Ass licking homo-tard
6/15/2019Sold your soul for $3.50. In your case, you got the better end of the deal.
6/15/2019Just because
6/7/2019So pathetic. Give it up already. Your life is shit and will be shit because of YOUR decisions. Might as well end it with the perceived dignity you have have for yourself while you still have it.
6/7/2019Stop spewing your bullshit
6/7/2019Another day, another NDFarm lie.
6/7/2019Wrong. Again.
6/5/2019They got rid of the meme so I'll spell it out. You're a fag.
6/5/2019Thanks for the reminder. Trump bump :)
6/2/2019‘Bye troll
6/2/2019It makes the Demonrats looks like fools. They would sell out this country to illegals just to keep their dying party from extinction.
6/2/2019Thus fuckin gay is a DNC plant to test GLP for Diversity. Kick this satanic fucker right in it's fat, dank, overused cunt.
6/2/2019Still trying to get everyone to see your micro penis huh? I swear, if I get one more mini dick pic from you I'm cutting it off
6/2/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
5/31/2019Grow up! Trumps good buddy Kim? You are an idiot!
5/31/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
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