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Trey_is_Wilson's Karma

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1/9/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
12/9/2018Lol Thoth
12/9/2018Fuck you commie
12/8/2018You should probably Che-nge your avatar if you ever want to see a green thumb.
12/5/2018For having that Che avatar. You either havn't a fucking clue who he was or you do, either way you're an asshole.
12/5/2018Fuck you and that avatar of a trashy racist psychopathic murder.
12/3/2018Che was just another two bit, violent, atheistic, humanist pos who wore equality on his sleeve while behaving like a racist, homophobic, fame seeking, war lusting good ole boy. Hipocracy stinks, boy.
12/3/2018Lose the Che, it’s showing your ignorance
12/2/2018For having a Planet of the Apes monkey Communist avatar.
11/26/2018Che was a murdering racist

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