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techhead1's Karma

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10/22/2019People like you are why I don't vote for the demonrats.
10/11/2019Hurr hurrr, blowjob joke hurrr hurrrrrr
5/27/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/12/2019Don't post in my thread
1/8/2019Start your own thread and lets see who visits you.
1/5/2019That bullshit is just your own stench. — clevercreator
11/28/2018Red karma for you. fact.
11/13/2018Totally controlled by the democrats
11/6/2018Fuck off. drink enough to start puking and you'll see your blue wave swirling down your toilet bowl tonight.
10/28/2018Good post----Terrebonne
10/25/2018Fockin' A right!
9/30/2018Lib scum
9/30/2018Childs Miind
9/30/2018Dems are going to prison in droves over their willful criminal behavior from top to botom.
9/28/2018Here's for your "blue wave" urinal flush
9/28/2018"Blue wave" LOL, you're in denial. Must be your Trump Derangement Syndrome.
9/25/2018Stupid comment
7/22/2018Alpacalips was here spreading good cheer!
7/22/2018New account <3 Alhanna

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