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Plasmare's Karma

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9/1/2021How dare you ask if she had covid!
8/29/2021Good thread but this red is for your condescending attitude. Grow the fuck up!
8/29/2021Posting cyber war article thread - Your Crazy Mom
8/29/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/29/2021Mentally unstable..A piece of shit inside a piece of shit taking a shit.
8/29/2021This account is being used for the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
8/29/2021Reason is gone. Clarence. Red, blue, purple, black, white pill. It's all a shit sammich.
8/29/2021Go FUCK YOURSELF attacking a LONG TIME member when his wife is ill!
8/29/2021You are a clueless wallob
8/6/2021What the hell are you on about? Fix yourself before you start playing life coach.
7/4/2018Speak for yourself. universal quantifiers are false right out the gate
6/11/2014For intelligence. Namaste. Comperio
9/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2013Excellent thread !
7/31/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/31/2013Interesting and thought provoking. pool
1/16/2013Tell it like it is
9/19/2012Freaking brilliant. pool
8/20/2012Moron, idiot, jerk and asshole all in one big package
3/8/2012Thanks for posting truth, I've been watching the sun threads for scientic interest but have been noticing a lot of people very worried loll Hope they bother reading this. But most are actully aft
3/8/2012Government shill. You have been exposed.
2/3/2012For being asshole when I was interested in your stuff - alcoholic runner
2/3/2012Excellent thread, just excellent!
2/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/31/2012Fucking dick weed
1/31/2012A pseudo-intellectual spouting pseudo-science. Well, at least you found a fitting home and a receptive audience.
1/30/2012Most succinct description of plasma I've read.
1/30/2012Happy 6 year anniversary at GLP!
1/28/2012Appreciated ;) Koelbren
1/28/2012Thanks for reply in plasma thread! --hoopity
1/28/2012Great posts on the Solar Radiation Leak thread :) Enjoy them very much! - Éireann
1/27/2012Awesome Name! - Thanks for Chiming in on the 'Cold Plasma' Thread..Good to know some have real Interests - 'Cesium.
1/26/2012Your opinions are welcomed not your vulgar nastiness to others.
1/25/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/25/2012Lol thanks for the 'clap', I was just being honest. I'm a sweet girl but god DAMN can lying be annoying. Hehehe, mmmm ;)
1/25/2012Cry baby
1/25/2012Good for you, NIP is full of shit, tired of seeing that lala fantasy BS on here
1/25/2012To feed your low IQ! I think you might have self-esteem issues. Good luck with that.
1/22/2012Real sick asshole
1/4/2012For blowing the whistle, firmament
12/21/2011Good thread on shills - phen
12/5/2011I agree. Re: Possible Craft Near..
9/29/2011Good responses to SS
9/28/2011No need for being so rude
9/28/2011For levity - Poster
9/28/2011You are the real thing
9/25/2011As he seems like s good guy who was misunderstood!
9/25/2011Telling the sundoom-tard how it is. Good job!
9/25/2011Good commom sense
9/25/2011Fuckingt wanker, get some fucking manorsm and learn not to be such a fucking retarded idiot
9/17/2011Nail in the coffin, indeed! -Half-Ass
9/17/2011Nail in the coffin... Good post OP. Chop's
9/17/2011Speaking the truth, thank you.
9/15/2011Good post on video tracing. - BuzzKill
9/2/2011Great stuff - thx
9/1/2011Reported Abusive Post

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