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b4its2l8's Karma

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7/11/2022God wins, rapture ready, Tamara
10/7/2021Matthew 24 / see thread and statement. Got me thinking and I love that
10/7/2021Red for talking about covid in the volcano thread
10/7/2021To get your green up - JD
10/5/2021William poole
10/3/2021Don't bring the covid hysteria to the volcano thread. you and your idol should get a room.
9/30/2021Go take your religious bs elsewhere
9/30/2021Bible thumping fucktard
9/29/2021Love your sig line! <3 Fossy
9/27/2021Great link to drop on monitoring air traffic. Thx...Zenobia ;-)
9/26/2021Your name is so smart. beeches
9/26/2021Golly. Gee. Schucks. Thanks for the compliment. I am glad to be here. - clevercreator
4/22/2021Q thread...sorry to hear family caved...sloonie stay strong1
4/16/2021Guess my name
4/15/2021Gr33n - 7310h
4/15/2021Trey was here
4/10/2021Qreenage, Lance from BC

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