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3/1/2019Double plus good
2/27/2019You always say type good stuff. TY. pepperroni
2/24/2019So true; we have got to stop using the left's words to describe themselves, and their demented causes.
2/18/2019U said it! 15666.44
2/17/2019For your comment on "Pravda liberalism" ~sikhed
2/17/2019Green for being a good poster, but 911 wasn't jihad.
2/17/2019Been noticing all of your intelligent posting...saved
2/16/2019From reepster hit me back
2/14/2019For having a working mind and a great IQ .... MissP
2/10/2019Agree that Trump needs to call a commie a commie ~thinking...
2/8/2019"Until I see conservatives showing as much dishonesty, irrationality and lack of integrity-ethics and compassion as liberals often display, I won't treat the two sides as though they're
1/31/2019You dont understand so you attack God. Not a wise strategy.
1/29/2019Pernicious, truly reprehensible
1/27/2019For using the word 'Libtard' (it sounds like something a spotty juvenile would say)
1/27/2019Thanks for the knowledge. Good to learn something new each day. GG
1/26/2019Green for Thee Bright Blessings Des
1/26/2019No added content, could be a bot
1/25/2019A Truly Intelligent Observation..Impressi​ve Indeed..INQ
1/24/2019A company full of left-leaning employees and executives lies and is unethical? ~ godblessya!
1/23/2019High-level post.. keep that shit coming!!
1/18/2019I like your style.... Dick Head..
1/14/2019Good posts
1/14/2019Thank you for quoting me and reiterating your love of GOD
1/12/2019Drive By Greenage-Wedge5th
1/11/2019Friday green - ElleMira
1/10/2019The sun is hot and birds fly! Lolol great comment. Esoterica
1/4/2019Every post you write says the same thing with just more or less words - we get it!
1/2/2019For saying give Hillary credit. You will never learn will you dick sucker?
1/1/2019For your 100% correct rant about Christanity vs islam. ~sikhed
12/28/2018Thanks for the pet kudos : )
12/22/2018Classy guy You're alright
12/22/2018Good arguments
12/12/2018Good post to that aussie cuck
12/9/2018Level headed analysis of Libscum.
12/9/2018Your "acholics anonymous" analogy. ~sikhed
12/9/2018Interesting tidbits about tom hanks. Yup, sounds like a pedo.
12/8/2018Belgium and the Netherlands Joining France with the Yellow Jacket Protests MySoul
12/8/2018I always appreciate seeing your posts. Preach it! ~ Renaissance Woman
12/7/2018So dumb. There are plenty of fucked up people on both sides.
12/5/2018Excellent points made! Outstanding.
12/2/2018SaveUSa - good comments - awareness is half the battle
11/30/2018Always like your posts - lots of facts.... Lilopin
11/30/2018Truth spoken - Chaos Replicator
11/29/2018Big meanie>>>MarPep
11/23/2018You lose me every time with the veg bashing
11/21/2018Rock on
11/20/2018Always succinct and insightful - Avenger1
11/18/2018For your knowledge of Theodor Geisel and the changing political tide. - Louis in Richmond
11/16/2018Thanks for posting in my cell phone thread, Have a great day ! From savcash
11/12/2018True, but isn't he trying to prevent a shooting war with the insane left?
11/11/2018Great comment regarding Photo, Let's trade some green. NeD
11/11/2018You're hardcore. Thumbs up. ISO
11/9/2018Very well said
11/8/2018I'm just a product of insufficient modality.
11/4/2018I love how the left plays holy holy holy, when they are filthy dogs.
11/3/2018Great post, Campaign Funds thread----Terrebonne
10/28/2018Disinfo shill
10/28/2018Yep liberals. I don’t have many near me here in Deep South.
10/27/2018Good analysis.
10/27/2018Well said! I will use this Mao analogy myself having been to China and seen it live.
10/24/2018"Those bombs are about as real as..." hahaha. love it! :-) morgan
10/23/2018More green for exposing libtardism.
10/22/2018Koolaid drinker, politicaally correct
10/22/20183rd world comment>>>MarPep
10/22/2018LOL! Well said. -Rev
10/21/2018You are what you eat, dick...
10/19/2018For defending Sabo on the Mad Max Thread. Thanks, CountryWise
10/17/2018He is real
10/16/2018Good point. They know full and well that they are evil.
10/14/2018Well said. -Rev
10/7/2018Liberal love explanation ~ Flashbuzzkill
9/22/2018Always a voice of reason and well thought-out posts - Avenger1
9/7/2018Green from *Rabid Cow
8/31/2018Good post on liberalism. 1-2-Follow
8/30/2018If only conservatives were allowed to vote there need
8/28/2018China's cultural revolution and the US ~ Lily
8/27/2018Hollywood pedos... thanks for your feedback, Sterling Malory Archer
8/22/2018Cheers - ElleMira
8/22/2018I am always appreciative to read your responses in any thread. ~ Renaissance Woman
8/19/2018Thanks for always pointing out the hypocrisy of the libtards.
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