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JohnathanM's Karma

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7/28/2018Fuck you, too. :) -Zoink
7/28/2018Hillary & Obama suck dicks...
7/28/2018Green for Good! MadAtchew
7/28/2018For the highschool thread. Mr. Fox
7/28/2018For being honest . -Righteous1
7/28/2018Green for you.
7/28/2018For being a fucking tool and not knowing shit about Liberty and freedom
7/28/2018So if a 19 year old and a 15 year old fuck it is the same?
7/27/2018For speaking the truth! I tried yesterday and thread deleted. -androgynous cow herd
7/27/2018Great comment!
7/27/2018Buwahahahaha!!! Looks like you got busted. Fucking liberal troll trying to lay low. Can't change your stripes. LOL!
7/27/2018Looks like they killed your thread indeed, just like free speech. Kudos for calling it out. - TeChNoXiC
7/27/2018The only point being proven is your own finger up your ass
7/27/2018Page 4...Lance from BC! Good run around.
7/27/2018Go Away..no one cares about your threats
7/27/2018Keep on calling out the karma whores. I love it.
7/27/2018Cornhole Sniffer
7/27/2018Stick around we need your honesty
7/27/2018From a snitching little Nazi bitch
7/27/2018Dude I liked Draco! Thanks for sharing....from ChivalryK God bless you man!
7/25/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
7/24/2018NIce Elite Dangerous vid. didn't know it was that old of a game. \m/ ~ REEEEEEEEEEEE
7/23/2018Welcome aboard. keybored.
7/23/2018That's old news, moran.
7/23/2018Embedding video into post
7/22/2018Cheers! xo Ricky M
7/22/2018Supports my idea
7/22/2018Good thread-JIK
7/22/2018I'll be your first. :) NoMoreMsNiceGirl

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