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TheFierceOne's Karma

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7/19/2019Good day! chasity
7/18/2019Green energy boost for you, be well! LTHN.
7/16/2019Hey you! White Wolf:)
6/13/2019Haven't sent green in a while Bud .... ~ clock ~
6/10/2019Hiya! chasity
5/12/2019Wishing you well! chasity xoxo
5/10/2019Cheers for the green bud. ~ clock ~
5/9/2019Good karmic vibes sent to you, be well. LTHN.
5/9/2019Thank you for posting on my thread, nice to see ya! White Wolf :)
5/9/2019Green love for the fierce one :)-Arabella
4/30/2019Chasity xoxo
4/27/2019Thoth. hope you are well
4/25/2019Fiercely good karma sent to you! LTHN.
4/23/2019Green for a good week! White Wolf
4/20/2019Saturday greens! chasity xoxo
4/18/2019Awesome! - Base12
4/4/2019Green for my buddy! White Wolf
4/3/2019Wednesday greens! chasity
3/23/2019Green for you! White Wolf
3/18/2019Green for ya bud. ~ clock ~
3/13/2019Monkberrymoon delight green for you! LTHN.
3/11/2019I wish I saw more of your posts! chasity
3/7/2019White Wolf was here! :)
2/28/2019Green for ya bud. ~ clock ~
2/23/2019I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! chasity
2/23/2019White Wolf was here!
2/20/2019Good wishes sent to you. LTHN.
2/15/2019Weekend buddy green! White Wolf :)
2/12/2019Thanks...good comment....Hawkshot
2/12/2019Some green for ya bud, have a good one. ~ clock ~
2/10/2019Chasity wuz here
2/4/2019When AC's are allowed to post, bans occur frequently 25 points gets you out of the ban. ~ clock ~
1/30/2019Some green back for you
1/27/2019Some green for ya girl (Bud) lol ....regards ~ clock ~
1/26/2019Music, thank you! White Wolf :)
1/22/2019I hope your weather is pleasant! chasity
1/16/2019For a better day giving you green just because
1/14/2019Grow up, child.
1/13/2019Energized January green for you! LTHN.
1/11/2019Wild key dude. pool
1/10/2019Some green for ya bud.... lol ~ clock ~
1/6/2019Thank you, from the path
1/5/2019Hope all is well. thoth,
1/3/2019Happy New Year to you! White Wolf :)
1/2/2019Always enjoy your thoughtful posts and comments--Works4Me
1/1/2019Happy new year! chasity
12/29/2018New Years Green!! Wishing you and The Fierce Ones' family a safe and happy New Year!!
12/29/2018For a better day giving you green
12/26/2018Thanks for the green! Kiss_Your_Illusions_G​oodbye
12/26/2018Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! White Wolf:)
12/21/2018Happy Xmas & New Year to you and your family. ~ clock.
12/14/2018Hello girl, some green for ya , regards ~ clock.
12/11/2018You are the best! chasity
12/9/2018Returning the green, thanks friend Rustydog
12/4/2018Hello from across the pond! chasity
12/4/2018Thanks for the green. Kiss_Your_Illusions_G​oodbye
12/3/2018Have a great day! White Wolf :)
11/13/2018Thank you for the green! Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye
11/8/2018Hello sweetheart! chasity
11/8/2018Have a great day! White Wolf
11/2/2018Some green for ya, enjoy Rustydog
10/26/2018Hello from the other side of the pond! chasity
10/22/2018Have a great day my friend! White Wolf
10/18/2018Big hugs from the usa! chasity
10/16/2018Got this here green just for you Rustydog
10/15/2018Music appreciation, thank you! :) White Wolf
10/10/2018Happy hump day! chasity
10/5/2018Music, thank you! White Wolf
10/5/2018Good contribution to topic
10/4/2018Gorgeous! Loved your photo! ...nutmeg...
9/27/2018Thanks for the info...quite interesting
9/25/2018More green for a nice person, White Wolf
9/25/2018Here's some more green Rustydog
9/25/2018Who cares open mind is a+
9/25/2018Green for you Carol B.
8/25/2018Claims belief in Christ, claims there is a Goddess. Get fucked you satanist dipshit

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